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Development Projects

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Holiday Inn Express: 47.461606, -122.249963
Tukwila Village: 47.474693, -122.283347
Washington Place: 47.457007, -122.250468
Tukwila South Project: 47.431455, -122.266932
Family Fun Center: 47.465079, -122.244261
Woodspring Suites: 47.459399, -122.242477
Boulevard Townhomes: 47.465173, -122.288316
Foster Short Plat: 47.476026, -122.278512
Osterly Park Townhomes : 47.474295, -122.289702
Macadam Short Plat: 47.478646, -122.273643
51st Avenue S Townhomes: 47.505109, -122.271062
Twin Peaks Restaurant: 47.442045, -122.260147
Lake to Sound Trail - Segment A : 47.473881, -122.250967
Quail Park : 47.486081, -122.293519
Olympus Spa: 47.453645, -122.249765
BECU East Canopy and Patio: 47.489998, -122.272184


Tukwila Village

Tukwila Village will include a branch of the nationally recognized King County Library System and the City’s neighborhood police resource center in combination with other retail, office, live/work, or residential space.

Washington Place

Washington Place is a 19 story apartment and hotel project currently under construction at 223 Andover Park E. It is planned to have 370 apartments as well as 189 room business hotel with meeting space and a restaurant.

Tukwila South Project

The Tukwila South agreement set the stage for the development of 512 acres of land, five minutes from SeaTac International Airport and adjacent to I-5. The boundaries are approximately S 180th Street on the north, the Green River on the east, S 204th Street on the south, and Orillia Road/I-5 on the west.

Holiday Inn Express

Construction of a 62,337 sq. ft. five-story, 92-unit Holiday Inn Express hotel. The project includes frontage improvements along Andover Park E. and Christensen Road, 98 parking spaces including a shared parking lot along Christensen Road for hotel guests and access to the Green River Trail, landscaping, and improvements to the vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

Family Fun Center: Bullwinkle’s Route 66 Addition

Construction of a 12,386 sq. ft. addition for a bowling alley and 1,646 sq. ft. second floor addition off the northeast corner of the existing amusement center.

Woodspring Suites

Construction of a four-story, 110-room hotel and associated site improvements to include parking, open space, pedestrian connections, shoreline and wetland buffer mitigation, public access to the shoreline, and landscaping. The James and Mary Nelsen House will remain on the front parcel and the on-site barn will be demolished.

Boulevard Townhomes

Development of five townhomes along with associated access, parking, utilities, and landscaping.

Foster Short Plat

Development of eight new single-family homes.

Osterly Park Townhomes

Development of 31 townhomes in two phases, with associated parking, landscaping, and recreation space. Phase 1 includes 8 homes; Phase 2 includes 23 homes.

Macadam Short Plat

Creation of seven new lots to build seven new single-family homes, along with installation of wetland and watercourse buffer plantings.

51st Avenue S Townhomes

Development of eight new townhomes along with associated access road, parking, utilities, landscaping, and recreation space.

Twin Peaks Restaurant

Demolition of the existing Newport Bay restaurant and construction of a new Twin Peaks 6,929 sq. ft. restaurant and bar, with 1,399 square foot covered patio.

Lake to Sound Trail — Segment A

Install a nonmotorized 10 foot wide asphalt shared use path from the BNSF railroad right of way to the Green River Trail. This project is currently under review.

Quail Park

145 units of senior housing with some memory care units. Parking will be broken up into four different locations on the site, including tucked under the building, to avoid the impact of large parking lots. Plans call for significant landscaping and fencing on the south side of the project to visually buffer the project from adjacent homes. This project is currently under review.

Olympus Spa

24,900 square foot women-only spa, and will include a public restaurant and space for one or more retail suites. The building is intended to have modern, clean lines, with well-designed planting and landscape treatments. Parking will be primarily located to the rear of the building. This project is currently under review.

BECU East Canopy and Patio

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit review to construct a 300 square foot glass and steel shelter at the east exterior side of the existing six-story BECU headquarters building. The project includes removal and replacement of existing pavement and replacement plantings for those expected to be damaged during construction. This project is currently under review.


The map highlights projects of interest and is not a comprehensive list of all current development projects.

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