South King County Small Grant Program


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Note: Employers may be eligible for additional assistance with commuter programs beyond grant funding.


Important Program dates:

Grants Awarded: February 2017

Project Completion Date: March 2018


Program details:

A limited number of small grants (under $5,000) for minor capital improvements and trip reduction programs are available to participating communities in South King County as part of a Regional Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant to be administered by the South King County Transportation (SKC) Options team, housed within the City of Tukwila.  Eligible projects must be within the cities of Burien, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, SeaTac, or Tukwila and may be proposed by community groups, employers, the city, or other interested parties.

The grant process is competitive and projects will be selected based on their ability to aid in the reduction of air pollution, traffic congestion, and fuel consumption by encouraging active transportation (bicycling or walking) or transit use. Creative projects that involve public art or other innovative ways to activate the public realm are encouraged. If you have an idea, or would like help brainstorming, please let us know and we will be pleased to work with you to develop a program.

Project examples:

  • Pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding signage
  • Bike rack
  • Public bike repair station
  • Bike locker
  • Kiosks with transit/bicycle/pedestrian information
  • Interactive public art that encourages people to visit and walk in the area
  • Pedestrian scale lighting along key pedestrian routes
  • Demonstration or pilot projects to test bicycle or pedestrian improvements
  • Shower/locker facilities for commuters
  • Assistance establishing employer programs to reduce commute trips (e.g. ORCA card information, incentive programs, carpool/vanpool program, telework/alternative work schedule assessment) *

Project guidelines:

  • South King County city government, businesses, schools, community organizations, and neighborhood groups are eligible to apply.
  • Project location must be in or around the designated urban growth centers of Burien, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, SeaTac, or Tukwila,
  • Project must encourage active (bicycle or pedestrian) travel or transit use.
  • Grants for individual projects may not exceed $5,000 (not including matching funds).
  • Projects will be approved at the discretion of the South King County Transportation Options team.
  • If selected for funding, the South King County Transportation Options team will work with applicants and contractors to design and install capital improvements.
  • Grant-funded items will be directly purchased through grant funding unless otherwise arranged.
  • Funds are not intended to replace current funding for existing programs, but must be used for new or enhanced programs. Recipients may not profit monetarily from the grant.
  • Grants are funded based on program estimates. Reimbursement may not exceed the approved grant allocation.
  • The SKC Transportation Options Small Grant program does not guarantee that a project will be approved and reserves the right to determine which program requests are funded and to what degree. All rewards are subject to eligibility requirements and available funding.
  • Grant recipients are required to measure results and submit a program evaluation form after completion of the project.
  • Projects and programs must be completed by March 31, 2018.