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Permits / Plan Review

Fire Protection Systems Permit

Attention Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Contractors

For 1-5 devices the total fee is $200.00;
For 6 or more devices – $300.00 base fee + $2.00 per device in excess of 10.

Single family:
$50.00 base fee + $1.50 per device in excess of 10.

Resubmittal: Total fee is $300.00.

Fire Department Fee Schedule was updated in 2016 by Resolution #1883

For the purpose of calculating the correct fee, the following criteria will be used: Any combination of smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, bells, buzzers, horn strobes, sprinkler heads, power supplies and control panel in excess of 10 will be $1.50 per device. Please provide the correct amount of money, either in cash or check upon plan submittal. Plans will not be checked until the correct fee has been paid. At least three complete sets of blueprint drawings with information regarding the sprinkler/fire alarm system, including detailed specification, wiring, diagrams, elevation diagram (showing false ceiling areas), and floor plans, shall be submitted to the Tukwila Fire Prevention Bureau for approval prior to installation of any equipment or wiring. (One set of approved plans shall be located at the construction site)


Smoke Control Permit

Because of the complexity of smoke control systems (including shaft pressurization only systems), it is important that design documents incorporate the conceptual smoke control approach as early as possible during the design process. The smoke control permit must be issued prior to fire department approval of the mechanical permit.


Contractors Material


Underground Tank Installation and Removal Information and Permit

Before being covered or placed in use, tanks and piping connected to underground tanks shall be tested for tightness and witnessed by The Tukwila Fire Prevention Bureau. (I.F.C. Chapter 34, sec. 3403.6.3, sec. 3404.2.12.2)

New underground tanks shall be tested for tightness hydrostatically or pneumatically at not less than 3 psi and not more than 5 psi for 30 minutes. Pneumatic testing shall not be used on a tank containing flammable or combustible liquids or vapors.

Piping, before being covered, enclosed or placed in use, shall be hydrostatically tested to 150% of the maximum anticipated pressure of the system, but not less than 5 psi at the highest point of the system. This test shall be maintained for sufficient time to complete visual inspection of all joints and connections. For at least 10 minutes, there shall be no leakage or permanent distortion. Vented storage tanks shall be tested independently from piping.

Emergency Radio Coverage Permit

Exhibit Permit

Propane Tank Install Permit

Tent Permit