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Green Tukwila Partnership

A member of the Green Cities Network

The City of Tukwila joined the Green Cities Partnership, a regional collaboration of cities working to steward natural open spaces in 2017. Tukwila’s program and initiative are called “Green Tukwila.”  Together with Foterra, EarthCorps, Duwamish Alive Coalition, and the Tukwila community, Green Tukwila will care for public parks and natural open spaces across the city. Throughout the next 20 years, the partnership will work to restore and maintain 138 acres of Tukwila’s urban forest.

Why do this?

Healthy parks and natural open spaces are a gift to our city and everyone in it. They provide places where people can connect with nature, see wildlife, and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They also keep the air and waterways clean, buffer noise, provide habitat for local wildlife, and absorb carbon to fight against climate change. These valuable places can’t take care of themselves in an urban environment, they need our help to make sure we have a healthy and green Tukwila-today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Get involved today!

To do this great work we need everyone’s help. Join friends, neighbors, and bring your families outside to learn about trees, shrubs, invasive plants, how to use tools, and much more. Work parties are being planned for community members and businesses to care for precious urban forests and to ensure healthy, safe, and beautiful public spaces to enjoy into the future.

Duwamish Hill Preserve, September 19th,  10-1pm  SIGN UP

Green Tukwila Day, Tukwila Park, October 3rd  9:30-12pm

Duwamish Alive (multiple sites), October 17th , 10-2pm

Duwamish Hill Preserve, November 21,  10-1pm  SIGN UP

More work party dates coming soon, join our quarterly volunteer email list, Click Here

What to expect at a work party?

Work parties are fun, family-friendly, community-focused events nested in public parks or open spaces.  Each work party will have the goal of removing invasive plants, planting natives or mulching.  No experience is necessary- training and tools will be provided at the site.

Where will we work?

Places shown in green on the map have some areas of forest, wetland, shoreline, or meadow in need of help. Sites that are in current restoration are 128th St Parcel, Codiga Park, Crystal Springs, Duwamish Hill Preserve, Shoreline Challenge,  Tukwila Community Center, and Tukwila Park.  Join us today!

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Forest Stewards Resources

Work Party Intro & Safety Talk


Youth Volunteer/Service Learning Waiver 

“How To” step by step guides for invasive plant removal.

How to Remove Herb Robert

Tree Survival Rings, removing English ivy 

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