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Foster Golf Links Request for Qualifications

Foster Golf Links: Business Plan Request for Qualifications

The City of Tukwila, Washington, seeks to develop a new business plan for Foster Golf Links. The City is seeking requests for qualifications to complete the plan that include a set of recommendations for the future operation, marketing, and management of the golf course based on sound market and facility research.

The City is soliciting the following:

  1.  a letter of interest,
  2. statements of qualifications (SOQ), which includes a description of experience in public and private golf course business and strategic planning (see submittal instructions here). 

2024 Foster Golf Links Business Plan RFQ

  • RFQ Opening Date/Time: February 13, 2023, 5:00 P.M. (PST)
  • RFQ Closing Date/Time: March 6, 2023, 5:00 P.M. (PST)

All RFQ’s must be sent electronically to


Responses to Vendor Questions:

The RFQ states that the submission may “not exceed the equivalent of a total of twelve (12) double-sided sheets……” Does this mean 12 pages or 12 sheets of paper (i.e. 24 pages of information if double-sided)?

It means 24-pages of information if double-sided.


Should fee proposals be included in submissions?

Yes, please include a project budget.


Do you currently have a Residents Golf Advisory Committee?

No, but there is a volunteer Friends of Foster group.


May we include newsletters and other collateral as separate attachments to submissions?

Yes, but they would be counted toward the 12 double-sided page limit.


If the Business Plan recommendation includes the privatization of operations at the Foster Golf Links and an RFP for operations is issued by the City, would the entity, or person, that contracted with the City and developed the Business Plan be eligible to respond to the Operations RFP?

Yes, provided the Business Plan is not overly restrictive as to who can fulfill said plan and further provided the vendor’s response to the later Operations RFP complies with those RFP requirements.