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Tukwila Parks and Recreation oversees facilities, services, and programs to support the parks and recreation needs of those who live, work, and play in Tukwila.  The department plans and develops parks and recreation facilities, maintains parks, operates Foster Golf Links, and offers a variety of recreation activities and programs for all age groups.

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Baker Boulevard Art


In 2018, the City of Tukwila Municipal Arts Plan was adopted by the Tukwila City Council. The plan presented a roadmap that allows the City, in concert with the community, to explore how arts and cultural activities best achieve the City’s vision, mission, and goals for this important component of civic life. In the development of the Municipal Arts Plan, the community voiced  support that the City should adopt a policy of engaging the arts and the capacity of artists to devise temporary, permanent and interactive art projects and processes as a key element in creative place-making and community-building. The Municipal Arts Plan established the 1% For Arts Fund to support these endeavors.

The Southcenter District is the city’s primary commercial hub, a concentrated center of employment, and a regional destination for shopping and entertainment. This area is continuing to evolve, moving from a model of automobile dominance to mixed use, transit access and walkability. 

The vision for this area is to develop a unique, iconic, and artistic visual experiences that will be specific to the Southcenter District. This includes enhancing existing locations and events, supporting future arts & culture programs, and creating an outdoor venue for events, festivals, temporary art exhibitions and other public activities.

Given current events, it is more important than ever to enhance outdoor spaces  for public use  and develop Baker Blvd as a pedestrian corridor. 

Pilot Project 

The pilot project proposes to use public art to designate Baker Blvd. as a “festival street.” Ground murals, as well as other forms of public art, are intended to stimulate pedestrian traffic, tourism, create a venue for events and festivals, and generally raise the profile of the area as a hub for art. culture and commerce both regionally and nationally. Beginning with ground murals, the City will roll out a series of visual improvements to achieve these goals.

Artist Elizabeth Gahan has been collaborating with the City of Tukwila since 2018 to support the creative and artistic goals for Baker Blvd, contribute public art expertise and design artwork specific for Baker Blvd. including the ground mural artwork. Inspired by both the urban commercial surroundings and the  Duwamish River, a prominent natural feature in the area, the design combines graphic pattern with organic wavy lines. The ground murals are being installed on the sidewalk at varying intervals from Andover Park West to Christensen Blvd. This will create a visual link along the length of the walkway, add visual interest, and set the tone for future artwork on the street.

Project development and implementing the first phase of public art on Baker Blvd. has been made possible through the  dedicated commitment of the City of Tukwila and the funding support of the Lodging and Tax Advisory Board, which is comprised of business owners in the Baker Blvd area. 

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Crestview Park

Update 12/31/2020: Exciting improvements are underway at Crestview Park.  Both dog park areas (small and large) have new agility toys that are ready for use.  In the large dog play area, a new shelter provides protection from the elements and a new paved walking path leads to the shelter (no more muddy feet).     In addition to dog park improvements, a new bicycle safety training course will be installed where the former half basketball court is located near the playground.   Finally, ground art murals are being placed throughout the park.   The dog parks may be closed intermittently now through early 2021.  There is another dog park in Tukwila located at Foster Park: 13919 53rd Ave S, Tukwila, WA 98168.

These parks improvements are funded with dedicated appropriations set aside within the City of Tukwila’s Capital Improvement Program.  Input for this project was gathered during the summer of 2019 and early winter of 2020 through community engagement efforts that provided data and insights for the 2020 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.  Questions or comments:

Lee Phillips/Foster Memorial Park

Update: 4/14/2021:  Park improvements at Lee Phillips – Foster Park are almost complete.   A new multi-use sport court  includes a  full pickleball court and a half basketball court.  Both courts have been lined and nets will be going in soon.  Walking path improvements include repairing asphalt and extending the asphalt path around the circumference of Lee Phillips Park.  The neighborhood surrounding the park provided valuable input into the 2020 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space plan which has provided guidance for this project and other upcoming park improvements throughout the City.  Funding for the project is made possible through the City of Tukwila’s Capital Improvement Program.

Tukwila Pond 

Tukwila Pond Park is a 25‐acre hidden gem, centrally located in the very heart of the Tukwila Urban Center. There are several hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, including the Westfield Mall, and healthy industrial areas located adjacent to, or in very close proximity to, the park. It is fittingly located to serve as a prime destination for people that live, work, visit, shop, stay, and play in Tukwila.    In the fall of 2020 the City of Tukwila’s Parks and Recreation Department contracted with J.A. Brennan  to develop a long-term, all encompassing, master plan for Tukwila Pond Park.  Together with community stakeholders, residents, business leaders, and city officials, a solid plan will be developed to help guide future development.

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Vision, Purpose, & OutcomesLearn why this project is important and desired outcomes.

Master Plan Process:  Check out the overall process for this type of project.

Project Timeline: The timeline provies and overview of project deadlines, meetings, and more.

Meeting Presentations & Notes

Stakeholder Meeting #1  On January 13, 2021 a group of stakeholders came together to participate in a discussion about the current state of Tukwila Pond as well as share ideas.   View the presentation from this meeting and review meeting notes.  The presentation provides and excellent overview of Tukwila Pond history, present site conditions, opportunities, design principles, and programming ideas.

Get Involved: Meetings & Input Form

Learn how to get involved:

Community Meeting #1:  On Wednesday, February 3, 2021 a virtual community meeting was held to share a bit of history about Tukwila Pond Park  while also showing the current condition of the park.   Attendees also were asked to contribute ideas, feedback, and suggestions that could be used to shape a master plan for the park.    Click here for the presentation was delivered during the first half of the meeting.  During the second half of the meeting attendees broke into two groups (approximately 20 people in each group) and answers a series of questions.  The following documents show how people responded to questions.  Group one notes.  Group two notes.

Community Meeting #2:  On Wednesday, April 21, 2021 22 people gathered, virtually, to  see ideas and concepts for the new master plan.  Review the presentation by clicking  HERE.

Input:  Please take a moment to provide your input for the Tukwila Pond Park master plan.  On average, it takes about two minutes to complete and can be found HERE.

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Utility Box Art – Pilot Program: Call to Artists

City of Tukwila Utility Box Art Call to Artists

The City of Tukwila launched the Utility Box Art Program in the summer of 2021.  For the next two years, utility boxes will be wrapped throughout the City adding vibrant colors and positive messages while promoting local artists.  .   The next “Call for Artists” will be realeased in early 2022, to recieve notification sign up here by selecting “Tukwila Arts.”

Below are a few examples from 2021, to see all 13 Utility Box Wraps and featured artists click here:


For reference, here is the 2021 Call to Artists and program information.

City-wide Murals/Utility Box Art Map

Curious where murals and utility box art are located throughout Tukwila?  Check out this handy little map/location listing by clicking HERE. 

PLANS and Documents:  The following documents provide guidance to Tukwila Parks and Recreation Department staff.  Each document was created in collaboration with community members, partner organizationsr,resident boards and commissions, and the Tukwila City Council.

2020 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan

2020 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan Technical Supplement

2019 Older Adult Recreation and Services Plan

2018 Municipal Arts Plan

2017 20-Year Stewardship Plan