Clean Tukwila

Tukwila is well known for its regional history, rich cultural diversity, parks and green spaces, industry, and shopping.  A blend of long-time residents with those establishing their roots in the City appreciate the easy access to amenities that help to improve their quality of life.

Throughout the past year cities across the United States have experienced a trend in illegal dumping, increased litter, and graffiti.  Tukwila is part of this trend, and part of the solution. 

Each day/week Parks Maintenance and Public Works staff empty ### waste bins/trash cans throughout the city.  Additionally, staff pick up approximately ## bags of loose litter along sidewalks, streets, and throughout parks and trails.   Staff estimated a 25%  increase in litter in 2020, this has created quite a mess throughout our city.  In addition to litter, illegal dumping has dramatically increased and taken precious staff time away from other important tasks, like graffiti removal – which has also been on the rise.

Working to keep Tukwila clean is one of the city’s core responsibilities, and staff are taking it very seriously. There are many ways residents, businesses, and those that like to play in Tukwila can become involved by volunteering and reporting issues.

Get Involved

Adopt-a-Spot:  Help support litter free and overgrown parks by volunteering to adopt-a-spot in your neighborhood park.  Remove invasive plants, pick up litter, and/or, remove weeds from flower beds all while making new friends, meeting neighbors, and supporting your local park.     




Green Tukwila: Volunteer with the Green Tukwila Program to help restore local parks and green spaces.  Join small restoration work parties to clear invasive plants, shrubs, and trees and help plant native flora and fauna.   







Code Enforcement: Our Code Enforcement Officers respond to complaints from citizens regarding conditions on private property and encourage compliance with the Tukwila Municipal Code.  If a violation is found, a case is opened.  Our team works with the property owners to reach compliance.






Mayor-tukwila-works-logoTukwila Works: Did you see an issue around the city that you’d like to report? Email the information to us at and we’ll get the issue to the correct staff to get it fixed.




Arts in the Parks – Mural Program:  a new mural program will begin this summer to help beautiful Tukwila Parks, support local artists, and foster connections between people and special places.  Local artists will be painting eight murals within five different parks.  To learn more, follow Tukwila Parks and Recreation on Facebook or Instagram @TukwilaParks  

Utility Box Program:  A new Utility Box Art program has started to take shape.  Two utility boxes have been wrapped, and local artists are currently being selected to wrap up to 10 more utility boxes throughout the City of Tukwila this year.