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Comprehensive Plan Element Drafts

Tukwila Comprehensive Plan 2024-2044:

      Draft Plan forwarded to City Council for Review


After more than a year of analysis, community input, and Planning Commission review, the Periodic Update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan is in its final stages of review.  On March 14, 2024, the Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on the Plan where they directed staff to amend certain parts of the Plan, and to move it on to the City Council with a recommendation for adoption.

The changes proposed in the draft Plan are based on the adopted 2015 Comprehensive Plan.  Changes proposed include updates to old information, new state and regional policy guidance the City must adopt, as well as new policies and approaches that the City wishes to include (shown in footnotes in the drafts listed in the right column).

Over the next several months, the Tukwila City Council will hold several meetings where they learn more about the draft Plan.  In late summer, they will hold a Public Hearing and adopt the Plan.

The current schedule (tentative) for City Council’s review of the Plan includes:

General Introduction to the Comprehensive Plan Background of why plan?
Main issues being addressed with this update, including Housing (and more!)
May 6 and May 20 (Council Work Sessions)
Review of Individual Elements  Sequence of elements TBD July 22 (Council of the Whole) and
August 19 (Work Session)
 City Council PUBLIC HEARING September 23 (Council of the Whole and Special Meeting)

Below are links to the draft Goals and Policies considered by the Planning Commission on March 14th.   These elements will be modified slightly to reflect Commission changes, and later, Council changes.


Click on links below for proposed 2024 Update language for each element.

Click on links below to review 2024 changes to 2015 text
1. Community Character Community Character
The Community Character Element was developed by consolidating the 2015 Community Image and Identity Element and the Roles and Responsibilities Element.  The footnotes will indicate where the various policies were pulled from for this revised, consolidated element.
2.     Land Use

Future Land Use Map

Land Use

(showing changes from 2/22/24 PC mtg)

Tukwila has not previously had a Land Use Element in its Comprehensive Plan (the state-required information was located in different parts of the Plan).  This effort consolidates that information in one single element.  Because it is new, there is no associated previous element showing where policies originated (although the footnotes will help show that).
3.     Regional Centers: Southcenter and the  Manufacturing/Industrial Center Regional Centers
This Element consolidates two elements that addressed the City’s two designated Regional Growth Centers.
4.     Housing NA
This element consolidates the previous Housing Element and Residential Neighborhoods Element.  See the footnotes in the final draft version to identify where policies were located in the 2015 plan.
5.     Economic Development Economic Development
The Economic Development Element is based on the Economic Development Strategy the City recently adopted, rather than the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Goals and Policies.  Changes shown in the document to the right are updates provided during an equity review.
6.     Natural Environment Natural Environment
The Natural Environment Element incorporates a lot of the revisions in the Plan necessary to address climate resiliency and preparedness, as well as changes in how the City addresses its natural environment.
7.     Shoreline NA
The Shoreline Element represents the Goals and Policies  in the City’s Shoreline Master Program, last updated in 2020.  No changes are permitted without Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) permission.  The City is requesting DOE allow minor corrections, however, a response has not yet been received.
8.    Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Parks, Recreation, and Open Space
The Parks Plan (known as the PROS plan) is based in the PROS plan adopted by the City in 2020.  Minor changes have been proposed in the Goals and Policies of the PTOS plan since 2015.
9. Transportation NA
Work on the overall Transportation Plan and its analysis is still underway with Public Works.  These goals and policies represent the Plan’s current status.  Additional changes may be proposed over the next few months as the analysis wraps up; any such policy changes will be discussed with the City Council prior to their public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan update later this Summer/early fall.
10.  Utilities Utilities
The Utilities Element is based on the same element in the 2015 Plan.  Policies changing in it reflect new approaches to utilities since that plan’s adoption, and changes in the equity emphasis of the policies.
11.   Capital Facilities Capital Facilities
The Capital Facilities Element is based on the same element in the 2015 Plan.  Policies recommended in it reflect new Finance Division and Public Works Department approaches to management of Capital Facilities, plus regional guidance on how financing priorities on such facilities are identified.


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