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The City of Tukwila is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The City is weaving this work in partnership with the Equity and Social Justice Commission (ESJC) and the Equity Policy Implementation Committee (EPIC), a city-wide internal team that leads the implementation and operationalization of the City’s Equity Policy. The work of both the Equity and Social Justice Commission and the Equity Policy Implementation Committee will hold the City accountable for assessing a baseline, developing an implementation plan, and reporting measurable progress in meeting each of the six-goals listed in the Equity Policy.


City of Tukwila Equity Policy
Adopted by City Council in 2017



The purpose of this policy is to provide the guidance to City elected officials, staff, boards and commissions, partners, residents, businesses and guests on how the City of Tukwila will actively promote equitable access to opportunities and services.


City of Tukwila’s Definition of Equity

Eliminating systemic barriers and providing fair access to programs, services and opportunities to achieve social, civic and economic justice within the City of Tukwila.



The Mayor, Council and staff of the City of Tukwila have a strong commitment to equity in the city government, and they desire that all residents, visitors and employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Societal, environmental and legal factors, both historic and present-day, have resulted in inequitable access to opportunities and services for some individuals and groups of people. These include but are not limited to:

  • Age
  • Physical and/ or Cognitive Disability
  • Economic Status
  • Gender
  • Gender Identity
  • National Origin/Language
  • Race and/or Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation


  1. Our City workforce reflects our community.

The City will identify strategies around recruitment and hiring, and personnel policies that provide equitable opportunities for existing employees, and support the City’s long-term goal that its workforce reflect the evolving make-up of the community.

  1. Community outreach and engagement is relevant, intentional, inclusive, consistent and ongoing.

The City often has important information to share with the community and often seeks dialogue with the community. The City will create a community outreach and engagement toolkit to enable inclusive public engagement that all departments will use when seeking community participation.

  1. All residents and visitors receive equitable delivery of City services.

The City will identify strategies that facilitate equitable access to current and future City services and facilities, regardless of race/ethnicity, language, ability, gender, age, family status, geography, and mode of transportation.

  1. City government is committed to equity in the decision-making process.

The City will identify strategies to facilitate equitable access to decision-making, where the decisions themselves — and the process and context in which they are made — are transparent

  1. Equity serves as a core value for all long-term plans moving forward.

The City will develop and implement an equity toolkit for City staff, consultants, contractors and partners that will guide the equitable physical development of the city, and other activities.  This goal applies to plans such as but not limited to the Comprehensive Plan, transportation, infrastructure, strategic plans, etc.

  1. The City will build capacity around equity within City government and the broader community.

The City will resource this policy through activities such as but not limited to regular training and workshops, both internal and public, and establishing on an Equity Policy Implementation Committee.


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