Property Research

Want to learn more about a property located in the City of Tukwila? A variety of current and historic information is available online. Follow the steps below.

Property Identification

A property needs to be identified to begin research. There are two ways to identify a property:

  • Parcel Identification Number – For the purpose of collection property taxes, the King County Assessor’s Office assigns a ten digit parcel number to all parcels in the County. Parcel identification numbers can be found on property tax records or on King County Assessor’s Maps. This number is often also called an Assessor Parcel Number (APN)
  • Address – If the site is developed with a structure it will also have a street address, i.e. 6200 Southcenter Boulevard.

Current Zoning of the Property

To find out what can be built on a property, you will need to find out the property’s zoning. The Zoning Code (TMC Title 18) regulates the uses that are allowed and standards required for development in different areas of the city. The Tukwila iMap “Zoning” map layer provides information on the current zoning of a property and a link to the zone’s chapter in the City’s Zoning Code.

Is the use allowed on my property?

Once you know the zoning for your property you can look up if a particular use is allowed in that zone by viewing Land Uses Allowed by District – Table 18-6  from the Zoning Code.

Low Density Residential (Single-Family) Development Standards

Please see our Low Density Residential (LDR) Development Standards page for more information on regulations pertaing to the LDR district.

Environmentally Critical Areas

The presence of wetlands, watercourses such as creeks and streams, and geologically unstable hillsides, may limit the size and type of development on a site.  Tukwila iMap “Environment” map layer shows the approximate location of environmentally sensitive areas.

Utilities and Other Service Providers

Several utility and service providers serve the City. Tukwila iMap provides information on the utility and service providers for a property, such as water, sewer, electric, and waste collection. The City’s Maps page also has PDF maps of utility providers’ service areas.

Previous Land Use Approvals and Building Permits

When did your property come under the jurisdiction of the City of Tukwila?

It’s often helpful and sometimes necessary, as property owners to know about the history of your home, lot, and or neighborhood. The City of Tukwila incorporated in 1908 as a much smaller City than currently exists. The annexation history map shows when your property came under the governance of the City of Tukwila.

When was your property subdivided or house/structure built?

In general the farther back in time one researches, the fewer records the City will have for all types of activities. The City’s first zoning code and zoning map were adopted in 1957. Records of land use approvals such as shoreline permits, subdivisions, short plats etc. are available from around the early 1970’s.

Previously issued land use approvals and building permits may be available online through the City’s Digital Records Center  or through a records request. The City’s development records generally begin in 1958. A Request for Public Records  form must be completed with as much detail as possible. If you have questions on how to fill out the form and/or when you have it completed, call or return it to the Permit Center.