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City of Tukwila Emergency Management
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Phone: 206 971-8750

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An emergency or disaster kit is a collection of items that you would need during an emergency or a disaster. Your kit should address “all hazards,” meaning that whether you experience a fire, need to evacuate, or we experience and earthquake, the supplies in your kit address all your needs.

Be 2-Weeks Ready. Past trainings and drills for big earthquakes has taught us that the damage may be so severe that it could take two weeks to provide services. That means that all individuals and families need to have enough supplies in their kit to sustain themselves and their pets for two full weeks.

As you put your kits together, remember to consider these factors:

  • What containers to use – some may require a plastic tub, but a couple of backpacks may work better for you.
  • Where to Store your kit – make sure your kit is somewhere accessible.
  • How will you maintain your kit? – Check it regularly and make sure you have a plan to replace out-of-date items.
  • Consider other types of kits you may need – having one big kit at home is a great start, but consider keeping a kit in other places you may be when an emergency occurs such as work, in your car, or on vacation.