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Public Works Administration
6300 Southcenter Blvd.
Tukwila, WA 98188

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The mission of Public Works Administration is to initiate, implement and manage the programs, staff and facilities that provide for the public health, safety and welfare through the design, construction and maintenance of the municipal infrastructure to include: streets, signals, water, sewer, storm drains, flood control, equipment, vehicles, and facilities. The Public Works Director manages these programs through the Engineering Division, Maintenance Administration, Development Services Division, and the Facility Maintenance Division, the Equipment Rental Fund, and the Enterprise Funds; water, sewer and surface water. Numerous relationships with other agencies such as Cascade Water Alliance, King County, Metropolitan Wastewater Agencies, WSDOT, the Regional Transit Authority, and the cities of Renton, SeaTac, Seattle and Kent are required to coordinate projects and services.


The mission of Maintenance Administration is to manage the maintenance programs and activities for equipment rental, facilities, streets, water, sewer, and surface water. This division also provides staff support and coordination with the engineering division and other City departments as well as external agencies and service providers. The Maintenance Administration Division is managed by the Maintenance Operations Manager who reports to the Director of Public Works.


The Engineering Division mission is to provide professional engineering services for planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the water, sewer, surface water and transportation infrastructure. Services include coordination with adjoining agencies such as Renton, Kent, Seattle, SeaTac, Water District 125, and Valley View Sewer District, as well as with regional agencies such as King County Metro Transit and Sewer, WSDOT, Green River Basin Technical Committee, Regional Transit Authority, Puget Sound Regional Council, and the Transportation Improvement Board. Other services include assisting development permit review and monitoring of franchise utility operations in the City. The City Engineer is the licensed Professional Engineer official for the City and manages the Engineering Division. The City Engineer provides staff support to assigned Council committees and reports to the Director of Public Works.

Development Services

The Development Services Division is responsible for reviewing and approving permits associated with land altering, development, residences, and utility permits. The Development Services division works closely with the Department of Community Development to issue permits in a timely fashion. Services include the responsibility of inspecting applicant’s utility systems for conformance to the City’s standards. The City Engineer oversees this staff, who reports to the Director of Public Works.

Facility Maintenance

The mission of the Facility Maintenance unit is to preserve all buildings through a preventive maintenance, repair and operating program in order to provide a safe, pleasant and productive work environment for City staff and clients. The work is located in thirty-eight facilities throughout the City, consisting of approximately 233,633 square feet, of which 149,957 square feet is provided with custodial care. Facilities maintained consist of the main City Hall (6200 Building), the 6300 Building, a large community center, library, four fire stations, Minkler, George Long, and Golf maintenance facilities, several public restrooms, and various other buildings.

Street Maintenance

The function of the Street Maintenance unit is to operate and maintain the traffic control and safety devices of the transportation network which consists of 127 lane miles of commercial/industrial streets and 90 lane miles of residential streets, including bridges, sidewalks, street lighting, and traffic cameras. The Street Maintenance unit maintains relationships with adjoining cities, King County and Washington State Department of Transportation.

Water Utility

The mission of the Water Utility is to operate and maintain a water distribution system that will provide residential, commercial, and industrial customers with high water quality, adequate capacity and pressure, at economical costs. The system distributes, on an annual basis, approximately 740 million gallons of water through 41 miles of water mains through approximately 2,100 meters. The Water Utility maintains relationships with adjoining jurisdictions, cities, water districts, sewer districts, and the Washington State Department of Health. Additional service is provided with reclaimed water along the Interurban Avenue South Corridor.

Sewer Utility

The mission of the Sewer Utility is to operate and maintain a sewer collection system that will ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and visitors of Tukwila. The Sewer Utility is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 37 miles of gravity sewer main and the operation and maintenance of 12 lift stations and force mains. These lift stations pump approximately 60% of all sewage in the City (approximately 460 million gallons). The Sewer Utility maintains relationships with adjoining jurisdictions, cities, water districts, sewer districts, King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks, Wastewater Treatment Division, State Department of Ecology, State Department of Health, and King County Health Department.

Surface Water Program

The surface water program provides for engineering studies, preliminary engineering, construction, and maintenance of public surface water and drainage facilities to include control and monitoring of storm and surface water quantity and quality. The Green River Basin management agreement and the Green River levees are also included in this program. The costs of operating and maintaining the system are included with the capital projects necessary for system improvements.

Equipment Rental and Replacement Unit

The mission of the Equipment Rental unit is to provide a fleet of vehicles and equipment with an operation maintenance and replacement program and to supply the City with adequate, safe, economical and on-demand operational cars, trucks and specialty equipment. Services are provided through in-house labor and contracted services. The current fleet consists of approximately 193 vehicles and 134 other pieces of equipment.