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Temporary Special Event Permit

The Temporary / Special Event application is for temporary events held on private property that are not part of the permanent and daily routine of the business such as; festivals, sidewalk/parking lot sales; gatherings or events such as musical performances with amplified music / amplified speaking; events with vendors, etc.

It is also used for events that may require the closing of a city street, right-of-way, or trail such as a block party, organized walk /run or bike ride event, etc.

There is no fee for the Temporary Special Event application. There may be a fee charged based on the type of event.

The fee schedule is:

$100.00 for an event held in Residential Zoning or for an event incorporating use of City trail system

$400.00 for an event held in Commercial/Industrial/Manufacturing Zoning

If it is determined that the event requires additional City resources beyond the normal scope of City business an additional fee of an hourly rate per additional resources/staff required will be assessed.

For events that will be held at City facilities (Tukwila Community Center, City Parks/Shelters) such as weddings, group parties, meetings or picnics/parties please contact Tukwila Parks and Recreation Rental Office at 206-767-2322

Please note: for large events, The Rental Office may still require you to fill out this form.

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