Youth Engagement Opportunities

Tukwila City of Opportunity Scholarship

The City of Tukwila Scholarship Program was established in 2014. Applications are available from January 2 to March 30 each year. The mission of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to individuals enrolled for undergraduate study in community colleges, colleges, trade schools and universities. Selection criteria include but are not limited to academic accomplishments, community service, references, financial need, and personal essay.  

Eligibility Criteria:  

  • Must be a resident of the City of Tukwila. Proof of residency is required at the time of application: most recent utility bill.  
  • Must be equivalent to a senior in high school.  
  • Must demonstrate a substantial financial need as indicated on the FAFSA Student Aid Report.  
  • Must have applied to an undergraduate program at a community college, trade school or university.  
  • Must demonstrate leadership qualities as evidenced by involvement in extra-curricular activities.  
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher.  
  • Must have completed a minimum of 15 hours of community service.  

For more information, contact  Cheryl Thompson, Executive Assistant, Mayor’s Office,, (206) 433-1850.  


Are you looking for a career instead of a minimum-wage job? Are you considering a career in construction?

We need trained professionals to build structures like our homes, offices, high-rises, roads and bridges. These projects are essential to our everyday life and need hundreds of workers trained in more than 20 different building trades. Building trades (also called crafts) include laborers, ironworkers, cement masons, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, sheet metal workers, painters and many more.  This book will help you get started down the pathway to become one of these skilled professionals with a high-paying career in the building trades.

High School Internship Program

The City of Tukwila High School Summer Internship Program provides students with practical hands on experiences. The City of Tukwila’s departments offers students on-the-job training that integrates career development and public service, while hosting interns the benefit from the contributions of creativity, innovation and empowering future leaders. The internship program will promote student’s future career opportunities, help with resume building and provide leadership skills.

For more information please contact Jo Anderson, Inclusion & Engagement Manager at or (206) 454-7564.

College and Career Day

The City of Tukwila partners with Foster High School and the Tukwila School District to offer an annual Career Day.

City Department participants:

  • Human Resources
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Administrative Services
  • Finance Department
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Public Works

Career Day is made up of two segments. The first segment is a group of guest speaker workshops that provide students an opportunity to learn from a variety of professionals about various career paths. The second segment is a job/college/resource fair to connect teens seeking summer jobs, college, internships, volunteer, and job shadow opportunities with local businesses.

Teens for Tukwila

Teens for Tukwila is about strengthening the community!

If this interest you, then you should consider joining our group. You must be a Tukwila resident to join. The major area of focus are service, advocacy, and leadership development. This teen-driven group is a tremendous opportunity for it’s members to have and create unique experiences that will impact their lives and future.

For more information please call (206) 768-2822.

Boards and Commissions Student Representatives

Advisory bodies provide guidance to decision-makers and bring public participation into the process of government activites. The City of Tukwila’s boards, commissions and committees provide invaluable service to the City.

The Mayor of Tukwila and the Tukwila City Council are specifically empowered by state law and the Tukwila Municipal Code to fill by appointment all boards, commissions and committees and committees in compliance with the Revised Code of Washington and the Tukwila Municipal Code. They Mayor’s Office is responsible for the over sight and administration of the process by which the advisory boards, commissions and committee program is managed.

To be considered for appointment as a student applicant you must be a High School Student in the City of Tukwila for a student representative position. All applicants must also successfully complete a background check.   Qualifications for each board, commission and committee and are specifically outlined in the Tukwila Municipal Code.

Appointment Process: Interested applicants must submit a completed Boards and Commissions and Committee application to the Mayor’s Office. Applications are available on the city’s website at

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