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What Permit do I need?

Do I need a construction permit or a land use permit?

What is a Construction permit?

Construction permits cover projects involving site development, construction and renovation of commercial buildings, tenant space construction or remodel for businesses, and construction work for residential buildings.

Construction permits include:

• Building
• Electrical
• Fire
• Mechanical
• Plumbing
• Public Works (Right of Way)
• Signs
• Special Events
• Wireless – Construction Permits + Eligible Facilities Modifications.

Please access the Construction Permit portal above for more information and to submit a Construction permit application.

List of all construction permit types.

What is a Land Use permit?

Land Use permits can be required by the city’s Zoning Code to ensure that proposed use and improvement of property meets zoning and other requirements found in the code. Essentially, land use permits are not permits for construction; they are approvals for land development, designs and uses for future building construction.

Land Use permits include but are not limited to the following:

• Critical Areas Permits
• Design Review
• Shoreline
• Short Plats/Subdivisions
• Variances
• Wireless – Land Use (Substantial Change + Macrofacilities))

Please access the Land Use Permit portal above for more information and to submit a Land Use permit application.

List of land use permit types and subtypes.


Grading may take place under one of two permits:

• Right-of-Way (Public Works) permit
• Construction (Development) permit

Right-of-Way Use (Public Works (PW/PWF)) Permit
Grading that is incidental to a Right-of-Way (ROW) permit (construction of access road, installation of
utilities, common areas, etc.) may be applied for under a ROW permit.

Construction (Development (D)) Permit
Grading that takes place entirely on private property, such as foundation grading, retaining walls, etc., and
will not involve work that would require a ROW permit would be applied for as part of a Construction
permit. This scope of work may be combined with the primary project (such as the construction of a house)
or applied for as a separate permit.

For more information please see our Grading Checklist.

Pre-Application Meetings

The pre-application process is to provide the City’s Development Review Team an opportunity to review the nature of the proposed development, application and permit requirements, fees, review process and schedule, applicable plans, policies, and regulations. It is not an exhaustive review of all potential issues and shall not bind or prohibit the City’s future application or enforcement of all applicable laws.

The Development Review Committee (DRC) meets every Tuesday afternoon. Two time slots are available for pre-application meetings on a first-come first-serve basis, 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Your pre-application must be completed online and submittal documents uploaded eleven (11) days prior to the meeting (Friday, 4:00 p.m. deadline). The application fee must be paid prior to the meeting being scheduled.

Use the Land Use Permits portal to apply for a pre-application.
Here are a few links that may help you:

How to Apply

Permit Fees

Schedule your inspection

Pre-construction Inspections

To schedule a pre-construction inspection please email or or schedule via Bookings.

Building, Fire, and Electrical Inspections

All Building, Fire, and Electrical inspections must be scheduled online prior to 5:00 PM for next day, or for the next available inspection. For detailed instructions on how to schedule your inspection, please click on the link below. To request inspections during OFF HOURS, please fill out this form.

How to schedule a Building or Electrical Inspection

How to schedule a Fire Inspection

Planning Inspections

Planning inspections are scheduled using the Construction Permits Portal above. Please submit planning inspection requests at least three days in advance. Planning staff will coordinate to confirm the inspection and may request to reschedule based upon staff availability.

Sign Inspections

Building inspection requests for sign permits are scheduled the same as any other Building inspection through the Construction Permits Portal, see above for more information.

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