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Rental Housing

2017 Rental Inspections are due 9/30/2017.  

Is your rental inspection due this year?  Schedule your rental inspection today!  206-431-3674

NEW: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Effective 2017 all multifamily rental properties with 2 or more units are required to provide documentation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program.  For more information on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) check out this IPM Guide for Affordable Housing and watch the IPM videos on this page.

For additional IPM Resources click here.

In order to ensure safe and healthy housing for tenants, Tukwila requires all owners of residential rental property to obtain an annual Rental Business License and an inspection of every unit once every four years. This applies to large multi-family developments all the way down to single-family houses, condominiums and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU or “mother-in-law” apartments) which are rented to tenants. All rental business licenses expire on December 31st each year and must be renewed annually.

Tenants may contact the City to determine if the rental property they are occupying is properly registered and up to date on inspections by calling 206-431-3671.

2017 Rental Business License annual fees are:

  • $ 65 for properties with up to four units
  • $180 for properties with five to 20 units
  • $230 for properties with 21 to 50 units
  • $280 for properties with 51 or more units
*Effective 2017 late fees apply.

Rental Unit Inspections

A rental inspection of each rental unit is required prior to initial tenant occupancy and once every four years thereafter. The inspection year is assigned at the time of registration and is based on geographic location. Click HERE for an inspection zone map.

The purpose of the inspections is to insure that all rental units are safe, healthy and suitable for occupancy. The inspectors check for properly working door locks, functional appliances, windows that are intact and that open, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, adequate emergency escape routes, and other items. Click HERE for a copy of the inspection checklist used for these inspections.

Rental Inspections for small properties (up to four units) may be performed by either a City Inspector or a private inspector meeting certain qualifications and pre-approved by the City. Inspections of larger complexes must be performed by a private inspector. A private inspector must have at least one of the following credentials:

  • Washington State Licensed Architect
  • Washington State License Home Inspector
  • Certified AACE Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector
  • Certified ICC Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector
  • Certified ICC Residential Building Code Inspector

A list of currently approved private inspectors can be found HERE. If you wish to hire a private inspector NOT on this list, contact the City of Tukwila (206-431-3671) to obtain approval BEFORE the inspections are conducted.

The 2017 inspection fee for inspections performed by City inspectors is $55/unit. Units that are occupied by a Section 8 tenant are exempt from the City inspection requirements, however the owner must submit documentation regarding current Section 8 occupancy. Section 8 unit owners must still obtain an annual business license.

*Effective 2017 late fees apply.

For more information, please call 206-431-3671 or via email to CodeEnforcement@TukwilaWA.Gov.

IPM Videos

Managing Pests In Multifamily Housing

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