Report and track non-emergency issues with Tukwila Works



Updated August 31, 2021:

The City of Tukwila has re-launched the Tukwila Works online reporting tool. This tool allows residents and guests to report and track non-emergency issues through the City’s website. For emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

To report an issue:  Please fill out this form to submit a Tukwila Works Request. To submit a picture, select the paper clip icon on the top right of the form. When completed, select “Submit Work Request” -> “Submit” on the top left of the form. Currently the City is not offering a mobile app; however, the website application is mobile responsible.

Please identify the location of the issue, such as street and closest cross street, park, trail, or other identifiers. If you know the actual address, please list the actual address and describe the issue being reported.

Issues can also be reported by emailing or calling (206) 433-1800.

Tracking: The status of issues reported are managed by the City of Tukwila. To check the status of a reported issue, residents will be notified via email that their report was received, what department it has been assigned to, and when the issue has been resolved.

Technical Issues: To report any technical issues with Tukwila Works online reporting please contact: Niesha Fort-Brooks: or 206-406-6692.