Report and track non-emergency issues with Tukwila Works



The City of Tukwila has re-launched the Tukwila Works online reporting tool through SeeClickFix. This tool allows residents and guests to report and track non-emergency issues through the City’s website. For emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

To use the City’s website: Choose a category to get started submitting a request below. Drag the marker to the location of the issue or type the address and click “Confirm Location”.  Next, you may upload an image if you have one available.  Then fill out the details of your request and click “Confirm Details”.  You can then submit the request as yourself (your username and email will be shared with us) or choose to hide your identity (your username and email will remain hidden). When you are ready to submit your request, you will need to sign in or register for free with SeeClickFix.

To use a mobile app: Download the SeeClickFix App using an iPhone or Android phone. When you first open the app you will need to search for Tukwila, WA in the “Place” tab.  It will then remember Tukwila as your city.  The tool works best when you are at the location of the issue you want to report. The smartphone app automatically locates where you are, lets you take a photo of the problem and makes it faster and easier to direct City resources to where the problem is. By answering just a few questions, your complaint is submitted and you will receive an email or a message response letting you know we received your report. As your issue goes through the resolution process, you’ll receive updates and a message when the investigation of your issues is completed.

Please note: If you still have a copy of the previous Tukwila Works app on your Smartphone from before March 2020, you will need to delete the app and download the new SeeClickFix app in its place.

Tracking: The status of issues reported through SeeClickFix is viewable below. Click on the three dots in the top right corner to view the drop down menu. Click “Explore Map” to see the locations or a list of all current reported issues.  After clicking on an issue, you may follow an issue by clicking “Follow” or comment on an issue through the issue details.

Issues that have been closed will be left on the site for 30 days, after which time they will be removed from view.

Questions?: Please contact us at: