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Trip Planning Resources

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Call the Hopelink Mobility Line at (425) 943-6760.

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Tip: Check with your employer to see if they provide transportation benefits such as a subsidized ORCA card or pre-tax commuter benefits.




Light Rail, Bus & Train

Give your car a break and try transit today! You just might find you like the freedom to relax.

Transit in Tukwila

Metro Transit System: Southwest Area



Link Light Rail

Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail stops at Tukwila International Boulevard Station and can take you south to SeaTac or north to the University of Washington. With stops in South Seattle neighborhoods, the stadium district, the International District/Chinatown and downtown locations, it’s a great option.

Light Rail service runs from 5am to 1am Monday through Saturday and 6am to midnight on Sundays. Trains arrive and depart every 6 to 15 minutes, depending on the time of day.



Transit Pass Information

You can use an ORCA card on Metro Transit Buses, Sound Transit Link Light Rail, Sound Transit Regional Express Buses, Sounder Train, Kitsap Transit Buses, Seattle Street Car and King County Water Taxis! It is all you need to pay your fare on buses and trains in the Puget Sound region. Your ORCA card works like a pass, automatically tracking the value of different fares and transfers so you don’t have to. Instructions on use can be found at


Get a reduced fare ORCA card

ORCA LIFT qualification and enrollment    

Now there’s a more affordable way to get to work, school, shopping, day care or anywhere else you need to go. It’s ORCA LIFT, a new, reduced transit fare that can help you get more out of your public transportation system.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit  

The Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) entitles senior riders (age 65 or older), riders with a disability and Medicare card holders to reduced fares on the following public transportation systems in most of the Puget Sound region.



In  partnership  with Hopelink‘s Mobility Management Team reference guides and handouts were created to improve transit mobility access throughout the city and south King County.

Transportation Resource Guides

Transportation Options Handouts

To request a hard copy or print-friendly version of these materials please email  


Talking Transit – Commuting in South King County

Hopelink Travel Programs partnered with the City of Tukwila to host this webinar regarding commute options in South King County especially in light of current King County restrictions. The webinar discusses Tukwila’s SKC Trips program, King County Metro’s COVID-19 safety measures, and general commute options and trip planning tools. This presentation connects travelers with information and equips them with resources to stay safe.

After you view the webinar, please complete this post survey: Post Webinar Survey.





Riding your bike or walking are healthy, environmentally friendly, economical, and fun ways to get around. If you are able, walking is the most convenient and reliable mode for short distances and it’s free! Even walking 10 minutes a day to the bus stop or your carpool meeting location will combat fatigue and boost energy. Cycling just 20 minutes a day reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers blood pressure. Most buses have bike racks on the front, and Link light rail and Sounder trains have spaces for bikes, making it easy to ride to the stop, then hop on. Transit stations also offer a variety of bicycle parking options, including secure options such as bicycle lockers.

Tukwila Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge


A dedicated pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Green River provides a connection from Southcenter to Tukwila Station, which is served by both Sounder and Amtrak train service. Access the bridge on the west side of the river via the Green River trail near Baker Blvd. and off of W Valley Hwy just south of Longacres Way on the east side of the river.

Bike Everywhere Month 2019

Thanks to all who are participating in the 2019 Bike Everywhere Challenge!


Tukwila Bike Events

In May 2019, the City will hosted a Bike Everywhere Day Celebration Station in Bicentennial Park for the third year in a row! This event is hosted in partnership with Cascade Bicycle Club and King County Metro, who bring a bus out to give cyclists the opportunity to learn the best way to load/unload your bike on the front of the bus.





Find a carpool and earn rewards on!

Did you know you can find guaranteed parking at many south King County Park and Ride facilities? Carpool parking permits are available at both King County Metro and Sound Transit lots.



Sharing a ride on a vanpool is great for commuters with similar schedules and routes to work. A vanpool is a group of 5 or more people who share a similar commute. Everyone in the group pays a monthly fare based on mileage, number of riders, and size of van.

Find a vanpool: Visit and click on “Find a Vanpool” to search by city or zipcode.

Join an existing van by completing an application and emailing it to

Try out a van for 3 days free with Ticket to Ride.



Vanshare can get you to transit stations or park and rides. Visit to find out more.





Working Remotely and Flexible Schedules

Have you considered working from home and skipping your commute altogether? Even if you worked remotely once a month, you’d be reducing vehicles on the road while saving time and money!

Do you know if your company offers flexible start and end times to help you avoid rush hour? You might have the option to work 4 10-hour days to reduce a work day and commute trip!



Transportation News

Starting June 22nd, Metro service updates restored service on dozens of bus routes. Via to Transit also resumes service in Tukwila and south Seattle. Visit King County Metro’s website to find up-to-date bus service changes.

Before traveling, check Metro’s Trip Planner or text 62550 with your Metro bus stop number to see when your bus is coming. Google maps has introduced new features to help travelers get around safely.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, transit agencies are implementing safety measures to keep riders safe, including nightly cleanings of the entire Metro fleet. Drivers disinfect the area before and after their shift. The air system on buses filters out COVID-19 droplets and windows can be opened to increase ventilation.

We’ve entered a time in which we need to prioritize our wellbeing. Help keep yourself and others healthy. Don’t travel if you are sick. If you must use transit, practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away from others to the degree possible and board buses at the rear entrance.

For the latest updates about Metro, please visit the Reduced Schedule webpage and follow the King County Metro Matters blog.




What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)?

TDM refers to a set of strategies aimed at reducing the demand for roadway travel, particularly in single occupancy vehicles. These strategies address a wide range of externalities associated with driving, including congestion, poor air quality, less livable communities, reduced public health, dependence on oil, and climate change.




King County Metro






King County Metro is an ongoing TDM partner.


Click below for transportation resources in Tukwila and our partnering TDM jurisdictions:


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City of Renton LOGORenton



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Tukwila’s TDM Team delivers TDM  services to residents, employees and businesses in Tukwila and the partnering jurisdictions of Kent, Renton and SeaTac. Our projects reduce congestion and improve air quality. These programs are possible thanks to state Regional Mobility Grant funding and in partnership with King County Metro.