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Transportation Resources & Rewards

Ride transit, walk, bike, carpool, or telework to earn rewards.
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Ride Via to Transit

Book rides straight from your phone, get picked up steps from your front door, and travel to/from Tukwila Community Center or Tukwila International Blvd Link Light Rail Station. You could try riding Via from the Light Rail Station to the Art Walk at Riverton Creek.

Service hours:

  • Monday–Saturday 5am–1am
  • Sunday 6am–midnight

Check out nearby service areas:

The cost for Via to Transit is the same as riding the bus: $2.75 adult, $1.50 ORCA LIFT and youth, $1.00 RRFP, free for children 5 and under—and there is no extra cost transferring between your bus or light rail, and Via. You can pay using your ORCA card, a Transit GO Ticket, or using a credit/debit card in the Via app/call center. Accommodations can be made for riders with disabilities and bike racks are available by request.

Download the Via app or call (206) 258-7739 to get started.

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Route 156 bus with view of Mount Rainier

Metro has made big some changes to keep you safe on your next ride. Masks are recommended on transit, and mask dispensers are installed fleet-wide. Metro also conducts daily disinfecting of every bus, streetcar, van, vehicle, and vessel.

COVID-19 is still impacting our lives in many ways. Luckily, a healthier Metro is here. For more details, visit


Transit Pass Information

You can use an ORCA card on Metro Transit Buses, Sound Transit Link Light Rail, Sound Transit Regional Express Buses, Sounder Train, Kitsap Transit Buses, Seattle Street Car and King County Water Taxis! It is all you need to pay your fare on buses and trains in the Puget Sound region. Your ORCA card works like a pass, automatically tracking the value of different fares and transfers so you don’t have to.


Save money by getting a reduced fare ORCA card!

Use King County Metro’s online tool to find your best ORCA fare:




Trip Planning Resources

Would you like assistance with your transportation options?
Call the Hopelink Mobility Line at (425) 943-6760.

Google Maps

One Bus Away

Transit App


We’ll Get You There


Tip: Check with your employer to see if they provide transportation benefits such as a subsidized ORCA card or pre-tax commuter benefits.





These are healthy, environmentally friendly, economical, and fun ways to get around. Walking is the most convenient and reliable mode for short distances, and it’s free! Even walking 10 minutes a day to the bus stop or your carpool meeting location will combat fatigue and boost energy. Cycling just 20 minutes a day reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers blood pressure. Most buses have bike racks on the front, and Link light rail and Sounder trains have spaces for bikes, making it easy to ride to the stop, then hop on.

Transit stations and park and rides offer bicycle parking, including secure options such as bicycle lockers. See where you can park your bicycle on one end of your trip.

Tukwila Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge

A dedicated pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Green River provides a connection from Southcenter to Tukwila Station, which is served by both Sounder and Amtrak train service. Access the bridge on the west side of the river via the Green River trail near Baker Blvd. and off of W Valley Hwy just south of Longacres Way on the east side of the river.





Find a carpool and earn rewards on!

See where you can park your vehicle while taking transit.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, carpool parking and reduced fare parking permits were available for King County Metro and Sound Transit Park and Ride lots. This permit issuance has been suspended but may be revisited when Park and Ride system capacity is constrained.

You can also create a free account on the Waze Carpool app to search for matches as a rider or driver.



Sharing a ride on a vanpool is great for commuters with similar schedules and routes to work. A vanpool is a group of 5 or more people who share a similar commute. Everyone in the group pays a monthly fare based on mileage, number of riders, and size of van.

Find a vanpool: Click here to search for a vanpool.

Once you find your vanpool, join it by completing an online application.



Vanshare can get you to transit stations or park and rides. Visit to find out more.





Working Remotely and Flexible Schedules

Telework refers to alternative or flexible schedules under which an employee performs the duties and responsibilities of such employee’s position, and other authorized activities, from an approved worksite other than the location from which the employee would otherwise work. In practice, “telework” is a work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, at an approved alternative worksite (e.g., home, telework center).

Want assistance designing a telework program for your company? Click Here



What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)?

TDM refers to a set of strategies aimed at reducing the demand for roadway travel, particularly in single occupancy vehicles. These strategies address a wide range of externalities associated with driving, including congestion, poor air quality, less livable communities, reduced public health, dependence on oil, and climate change.

TDM event out P




King County Metro is an ongoing TDM partner.

Tukwila’s TDM Team delivers TDM services to residents, employees and businesses in Tukwila and the partnering jurisdictions of Burien, Des Moines, Kent, Renton and SeaTac. Our projects reduce congestion and improve air quality. These programs are possible thanks to state Regional Mobility Grant funding and in partnership with King County Metro.


Contact the TDM Team at