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Lodging Tax Funds

The City of Tukwila uses lodging tax funds to help build a strong visitor economy. The City is working on ways to strengthen our position for day and overnight visitors, with the goal of positioning Tukwila as one of the premiere shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in the Puget Sound region.


What is Lodging Tax Funding?

The City of Tukwila charges a 1% charge on most overnight stays in hotels and motels in the City. These funds are commonly referred to as lodging funds or hotel/motel funds.


How Can Lodging Tax Funds Be Used?

Washington State law strictly limits how lodging tax funds can be used.   Lodging tax funds must be used for activities, operations and expenditures designed to increase tourism (day and overnight). Specifically, lodging funds can be used for:

  • Tourism marketing;
  • Marketing and operations of special events and festivals designed to attract tourists;
  • Operations and capital expenditures of tourism-related facilities owned or operated by a municipality or a public facilities district; or
  • Operations of tourism-related facilities owned or operated by nonprofit organizations.

Governmental entities and Nonprofit organizations can request lodging tax funds directly from the City for events, activities, and marketing initiatives intended to bring more people to the City. For profit entities and individuals are not eligible for direct funding. For profits and individuals should talk with city staff about direct sponsorship by the City.


Application Process

State law requires that lodging tax funding applications be reviewed and approved by both the City’s Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) and City Council. All applications must include projections on the number of estimated visitors to the event or activity being funded.   To provide flexibility, the City considers lodging tax applications on a rolling basis. The following outlines the process to obtain lodging tax funding:


Step 1

Meet with City staff and discuss your proposal. Staff can help determine if the proposal meets the requirements of Washington State law. To set up a time to meet, please call Brandon J. Miles at (206) 431-3684 or at


Step 2

Complete and submit the required application to the City. To be considered in the current month, applications must be submitted to the City no later than noon on the second Thursday of the month. Applications should be emailed to Note, the City may require modifications to the application to ensure it has sufficient detail to adequately explain your proposal and the deliverables.


Step 3

Your application will be scheduled to go before the LTAC. You should be prepared to attend the meeting and present your proposal and application to the LTAC. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 1:00 P.M. The location of the meeting rotates throughout the City.


Step 4

If LTAC approves your application, it will be forwarded to the City Council for review and consideration.


Step 5

If the City Council approves your application, your organization will be required to enter into municipal services contract with the City. Contracts greater than $40,000 will require review and approval of the City Council.


Step 6

You will be required to submit regular reports to the City outlining how the City’s funds have been used. The exact scope of the reports, and details provided is determined as part of the municipal services contract with the City.


Thinking About Applying or Questions?

Set up a meeting with staff to discuss your proposal. Contact Brandon Miles, Business Relations Manager, at (206) 431-3684 or at



2017 Lodging Tax Application


Staff Contact

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