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Mayor Allan Ekberg

Term Began: January 1, 2016
Term Expires: December 31, 2019

Contact Information:
Phone: 206-433-1850
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To provide superior services
that support a safe, inviting,
and healthy environment for our
residents, businesses, and guests.

Tukwila is a non-charter optional code city operating under a Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor is elected at-large to a four-year term of office and serves as the City’s chief administrative officer. The Mayor is responsible for seeing that the laws and ordinances are enforced. The Mayor attends and presides over City Council meetings, but does not vote except in the case of a tie. The Mayor may veto ordinances, but a majority plus one of the entire Council membership can override the Mayor’s veto. The Mayor is assisted in all of his duties by the City Administrator.



One year ago Tukwila voters approved the Public Safety Plan bond to fund the replacement of three fire stations and pay for fire apparatus/ equipment for 20 years. The Plan also includes construction of a new justice center to house Tukwila’s Police Department and Municipal Court, and a new consolidated public works facility funded equally from the City’s General and Enterprise funds. Following a year of hard work putting the Plan into action, the next critical step is acquiring the properties needed for these new facilities.

At their October 16 Regular Meeting, the Council heard from the Siting Advisory Committee, which recommended acquiring the following properties:

  • Fire Station #52 – North parking lot of the existing City Hall campus.
  • Fire Station #54 – the east side of 42nd Avenue S, between S. 130th and S. 140th Streets, which was previously a Star Nursery site.
  • Justice Center – Properties between Tukwila International Boulevard and Military Road near South 150th Street.
  • Public Works Facility – Three properties between the Duwamish River, Tukwila International Boulevard, South 112th Street and East Marginal Way.

On November 6, the City Council held a public hearing and voted to approve an ordinance authorizing condemnation authority for the recommended properties for Fire Station 54, the Justice Center, and the Public Works Facility.

How did we get here?

  • Fire Station Location Study: Identified the best locations for Stations #52 and #54 to ensure equitable response times across the City, based on factors like travel times, natural barriers such as the river, and areas with historically higher numbers of 911 calls.
  • Creation of Public Safety Plan Siting Advisory Committee: Comprised of four community members, two councilmembers and the Public Works director, this group was charged with oversight and advice on the siting of the five facilities. They met monthly during the siting process, and made a unanimous recommendation to the City Council on the final preferred sites.
  • Community Involvement: At its March 18 open house regarding facility siting, the City asked for and received feedback that was incorporated into the siting criteria developed for each facility. In August the City hosted an additional, well-attended open house, where attendees met the architects for the fire stations and justice center, reviewed a map detailing potential zones for the various buildings, and provided feedback on the identified areas.
  • Evaluating the Options: The City identified a long list of potential properties for each building. Those properties that did not meet key siting criteria – such as size, site access, core operational requirements, and access to transit – were removed from the list. Each remaining property on the smaller list was then scored based on the siting criteria.

As we move forward from this point, the City remains committed to working with property owners to identify voluntary sales. In addition, the City is developing a business assistance plan to address concerns of businesses that may be displaced during this process. The Public Safety Plan is a very complex project, balancing difficult decisions and positive outcomes for our community. We know that building these facilities to protect our community now and in the future will leave a positive, lasting legacy.


Mayor Allan Ekberg