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Code Enforcement

The Tukwila Code Enforcement Team works to support a safe, inviting, and healthy environment for residents, businesses, and visitors.


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Some violations are not handled by Code Enforcement, refer to the table below to find the correct agency to contact.

  • Private Property
    • Parking on grass/dirt
    • Construction without permits
    • Tree removal without a permit
    • Graffiti
    • Trash & debris
    • Illegal signs
    • Junk vehicles
    • Roosters
    • Weed overgrowth
Tukwila Code Enforcement
(206) 431-3671
  • Criminal activity
  • Noise (public right of way)
  • Abandoned vehicles and/or illegal parking
Tukwila Police Department
(206) 241-2121
  • Public right of way (streets)
    • Graffiti
    • Trash & debris
    • Weed overgrowth
Tukwila Public Works
(206) 433-0179
  • Stormwater
  • Spill hotline
  • Flooding
  • Creeks/rivers
Tukwila Public Works NPDES
(206) 433-1860
  • Loose, vicious, or dead animals
King County Animal Control
(206) 296-7387
  • Rats and other pests
King County Public Health
(206) 263-9566
  • Air quality
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
(206) 343-8800
  • Electrical wires
Puget Sound Energy
(888)225-5773Seattle City Light



The Tukwila Municipal Code represents the City of Tukwila’s laws adopted by the Tukwila City Council.   Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing the parts of the Code that relate to conditions of private property (both residential and commercial).

Our Code Enforcement Officers respond to complaints from citizens regarding conditions on private property and encourage compliance with the Tukwila Municipal Code.  If a violation is found, a case is opened.  Our team works with the property owners to reach compliance.

Junk vehicles, uncontained garbage and debris, illegal signs, roosters, construction without permits, and overgrowth are some of the common complaints received and investigated by Code Enforcement.

Compliance is typically reached through promoting public awareness, communication, and collaboration.

We encourage community members to reach out to our Code Enforcement Team with any concerns they may have related to private property code compliance.

Code Enforcement Flowchart. 1) Complaint Received. 2) A Case is Opened. 3) A Courtesy Letter Sent. 4) A Code Enforcement Officer Inspects the property. 5) A Request for Compliance is issued. 6) another Inspection. 7) A Notice of Violation and Order is issued. 8) Inspection to check compliance. 9) A Notice of Assessment is issued. 10) If the property is still in violation court ordered Abatement is required. 11) Final Stage: Compliance


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