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Economic Development Strategy

The City of Tukwila created an Economic Development Strategy to guide its efforts to strengthen Tukwila’s economic future. The primary purpose of the Economic Development Strategy is to describe Tukwila’s vision for sustainable and inclusive economic prosperity and to identify strategies and actions to achieve that vision.

Thank you to everyone who helped us create the Strategy, especially the many community members who participated in the surveys, listening sessions, interviews, and focus groups.  We also greatly appreciate the community organizations who assisted us with community engagement plus the consulting firm of Community Attributes who contributed their expertise toward this effort.

Our Vision

“Tukwila is a vibrant community with a strong and sustainable economy that values diversity and access to opportunity, supports economic prosperity for all residents, and sustains a foundation for businesses of all sizes.”

Our Goals and Strategies

Goal 1: A vibrant, diverse, and resilient economy

  • Strategy 1A. Attract and retain office, research & development, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, food manufacturing, technology and life sciences businesses
  • Strategy 1B. Maintain support for and strengthen Tukwila’s robust retail, hospitality, and experiential sectors
  • Strategy 1C. Collaborate with the private sector to leverage catalytic development sites
  • Strategy 1D. Implement the adopted long-term plans for Tukwila International Boulevard and the Southcenter District, with an emphasis on walkability, placemaking, and community gathering opportunities
  • Strategy 1E. Build and maintain relationships with property owners and businesses

Goal 2: A safe and desirable community with a positive identity

  • Strategy 2A. Improve perceptions of public safety through crime reduction, visible enforcement, improved communications, and messaging
  • Strategy 2B. Invest in placemeaking efforts that instill community pride, improve quality of life, and welcome visitors to our dynamic community
  • Strategy 2C. Promote positive aspects of the Tukwila community to the region

Goal 3: Prosperity and opportunity for businesses, workers, and residents

  • Strategy 3A. Improve workers access to education and workforce development resources
  • Strategy 3B. Connect employers with education and workforce development organizations

Goal 4: A supportive environment for small business and entrepreneurs

  • Strategy 4A. Where possible, ease regulations that challenge small businesses
  • Strategy 4B. Ensure that business and entrepreneurial resources are available to those with least access, including people of color, immigrants, and refugees
  • Strategy 4C. Ensure that Tukwila projects an ‘open for business’ culture

Goal 5: A community that values diversity and access to opportunity

  • Strategy 5A. Promote business diversity by signaling public sector support
  • Strategy 5B.  Provide crucial technical support and regulatory relief where feasible for small businesses owned by those with least access including people of color, immigrants, and refugees
  • Strategy 5C. Seek to understand the dynamics, needs, and relationships within communities with least access including people of color, immigrants, and refugees

Following are the Strategy and its supporting documents:

The Community Engagement Report summarizes the results from the engagement. You can find the detailed notes from the listening sessions and the reports from organizations contracted to help with engagement here.

The City Council accepted the Economic Development Strategy at their meeting on Monday, November 13, 2023.  Key documents are linked below:

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