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Mayor's Office

Mayor Allan Ekberg

Term Began: January 1, 2016
Term Expires: December 31, 2019

Contact Information:
Phone: 206-433-1850
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To provide superior services
that support a safe, inviting,
and healthy environment for our
residents, businesses, and guests.

Tukwila is a non-charter optional code city operating under a Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor is elected at-large to a four-year term of office and serves as the City’s chief administrative officer. The Mayor is responsible for seeing that the laws and ordinances are enforced. The Mayor attends and presides over City Council meetings, but does not vote except in the case of a tie. The Mayor may veto ordinances, but a majority plus one of the entire Council membership can override the Mayor’s veto. The Mayor is assisted in all of his duties by the City Administrator.



Tukwila’s adopted Strategic Plan set forth five goals addressing issues that we consider most important in providing our residents with the best City services possible. Our second goal – “A Solid Foundation for All Tukwila Residents” – calls for personal growth opportunities and equitable access to these opportunities and services. As a city, we try to work hard to ensure our services are available to all.

As we all know, Tukwila is a city of diversity. Not only is our city home to people from a wide range of nationalities, speaking many dozens of languages, but it is also home to all age groups, from Generation Z to Boomers and beyond. A recent effort focused on our senior community members, Tukwila’s Parks and Recreation Department recently contracted for an Older Adult Recreation Services Needs Assessment. BERK Consulting reviewed the current City-provided services, and recommended improvements for access to programs that build community, support health and wellness, and provide enrichment activities for older adults.

What did the assessment show?

The assessment showed that Tukwila’s Parks and Recreation Department provides a wide selection of recreational programs and services that meet resident needs. However, the study found a variety of barriers prevent older adults from participating in our City’s programs. The barriers include lack of transportation, language and culture barriers, awareness of programs, physical and cognitive impairments, work and household obligations, and the inability to meet basic needs such as housing and nutrition.

What steps have been identified to address these barriers?

Improved community connections: This goal aims for social and physical connectivity for older adults through the reduction of social isolation and improved access and awareness of services. It specifically addresses the community building function of recreation programming.

Inclusive and equitable access to recreational programs: This goal focuses on equity, access to service, and partnerships by facilitating connections and building trust with all members of the community.

Recreational programming that supports health and wellbeing: This goal is meant to sustain and improve upon the existing recreation services and programs Parks and Recreation offers to older adults.

Armed with the findings from this assessment, our Parks and Recreation Department is applying for grant funding to shape future recreation programming and services for Tukwila’s senior community members. Funding for the assessment itself came from a grant through the King County Department of Community Services, with oversight of the King County Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy passed by voters in 2017.

I am especially thankful for when our efforts to help make the lives of our residents better result in clear direction and goals that the City’s Parks and Recreation staff can utilize to provide improved service. It’s one more reason I’m proud of Tukwila.


Mayor Allan Ekberg