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Joseph Foster Memorial Park Master Plan

Project Description:

Tukwila Parks & Recreation has developed a Master Plan for Joseph Foster Memorial Park.

This plan was developed with community input. Thank you, residents of Tukwila!

Please note that these changes will be implemented when and if funding becomes available.

The following vision for the future was created from your ideas:




The Big Ideas:

  • Unify the site
  • Close the road
  • Leverage topography as a signature experience
  • Re-wilding (Buffer & Ecology)
  • The Serpentine (Connection & Experience)

Structured Play: Occupy the ‘Mesa’ with specific uses (courts and fences)

  • Reconfigured Off-Leash Area
    • Islands of green (protected)
    • Amenity (for dogs and people)
    • Improved access (central to the park)
  • Courts multi-use
    • Pickleball, Basketball, wheels spot
    • Colorful overlay
  • Outdoor Gym
    • Concentrate on the activity (not a trail)
    • Colorful overlay

The Rec Zone: Claim the ‘sunken bowl’ with enhanced organized recreation buffered from the community by topography

  • Improved field/athletics
    • Softball/baseball with soccer overlay
    • Synthetic turf and lights
  • The school slope
    • Honor the stairs – part of the loop
    • Reforest the hill

The Play Slope: The slope and space occupied by the road are reimagined as the signature of the park experience:

  • Regrade topography for universally accessible pathways.
  • Populate space between paths with a play slope that leverages topography as a cool experience (slides, scrambles, and zip-lines) while also providing universal accessibility to users.
  • Integrated stormwater as experience.

The Gathering Green: The “neighborhood park” of the park

  • Add community amenities
  • Rebuild restroom
  • Start/end of the serpentine
  • Informal court (no fences)
  • Picnic shelters
  • Improve secondary looping paths.
  • Community canvas: Parking and venue for programs/activities
  • Little League/youth soccer (natural grass, improved drainage, no lights)
  • Reforested edges (good neighbor buffer)




The Big Ideas:

  • Unify the site with equal programmatic treatments
  • Keep S. 139th St. open but claim and program it.
  • Leverage topography as a signature experience
  • Re-wilding (Buffer & Ecology)
  • Maintain the bones of the park but give them new life.


About the Park:

Joseph Foster Memorial Park, 13919 53rd Avenue South, Tukwila, WA 98168

Joseph Foster Memorial Park is a nine-acre park named after one of the first non-indingenous settlers in the Tukwila area of Washington.  The park is divided into three separate areas and features two baseball fields, a multi-sport court, dog park, picnic shelter and public restrooms and a paved walking trail.

Joseph Foster Memorial Park was established in 1982, is located on the former site of Foster School. The land was donated to create the first community school. The park land is leased from the Tukwila School District, which was recently renewed in 2022 and extending through December 2051.  Most recent investments in the park include a basketball/pickleball court (completed in 2021) and the conversion of the upper field to a dog park (completed in 2018).