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Gilliam Creek Fish Barrier Removal Project

Project Overview

Chinook Wind is a partnership project between King County and the City of Tukwila. King County is constructing off-channel (i.e., off-Duwamish River) habitat downstream from the City of Tukwila’s Duwamish Gardens, another off-channel habitat project, and together the sites provide critical, rare, shallow-water edge habitat for Chinook and other salmon. This is important habitat for migrating salmon as they transition from freshwater to saltwater, providing feeding and resting habitat to prepare them for their journey to the sea. King County’s portion of the project will create 4 acres of new off-channel aquatic and intertidal mud flat habitat, as well as low and high marsh, and will be surrounded by riparian habitat. The City’s CIP project will construct public access and maintenance trails around this newly constructed off-channel habitat and connect it to the adjacent Duwamish Gardens trail upstream to the east – increasing community access and recreation along the Duwamish River.


Project Status

The King County off-channel habitat construction began in 2021. The project was suspended during the wet season months and is expected to resume in August of 2022. Planting is expected to occur during the 2022-23 planting window (October to March). The City expects to start construction on trails late summer-to-early fall 2022.


Contact Information

For specific questions, contact Mike Perfetti at 206-433-7192 or email at


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