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Surface Water Comprehensive Plan (SWCP) & Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP)

Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP)

The City is taking on a comprehensive stormwater planning approach as required per their municipal NPDES Permit. This strategic effort prioritizes stormwater investments and actions to accommodate future growth is referred to as the Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP). The SMAP focuses on addressing impacts from the cumulative development within a watershed rather than from an individual site. The City is focused on allowing future growth and development while preventing water quality degradation and even improving water quality from past developments and practices. The City will develop a SMAP specific to at least one high priority area by December 31, 2022 in accordance with the Permit requirements.


Surface Water Comprehensive Plan (SWCP)

The City is in the process of updating their SWCP. This report provides guidance for programmatic actions including investments into the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) enabling the City to maintain compliance with applicable surface water regulations.

As we develop the SMAP and SWCP the City will seek out public involvement, participation, and stewardship opportunities in developing and managing stormwater within our community.


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