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Shoreline Management


The Green/Duwamish River flows over 93 miles from the Cascade Mountains to Elliott Bay. Approximately 13 miles of the river meanders through Tukwila’s industrial district, urban center and residential neighborhoods. The river system has undergone extensive changes over the years. The population has increased dramatically, forests have been logged, levees have been built, streams and rivers rerouted, and freeways, homes, shopping and manufacturing centers constructed. As the impacts of human development have been recognized, State and Federal agencies have developed regulations that require local jurisdictions to provide better protection for remaining habitat, to control the collected storm water flowing directly into the river, and to identify and restore areas where habitat restoration can succeed.

In response to State and Federal requirements, Tukwila has adopted two policy documents related to the river – the Shoreline Master Program and land use policies in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. To carry out these policies, zoning regulations have been adopted. Most development within 200 feet of the shoreline requires a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit. The City’s shoreline development regulations balance economic and residential development with enhancement and stewardship of the ecological functions of the river.


The state Shoreline Management Act requires that counties, cities, and towns periodically review and, if necessary, update their Shoreline Master Program (SMP) every eight years. The City of Tukwila’s update is starting this fall and will be complete in 2019. More information is available on the state Department of Ecology website.

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