Earth Month

Earth Month banner, image of a tree, fish, flower, bee

April is Earth Month, a worldwide annual event that celebrates environmental protections and educates on ways we can keep our planet green. We all share this beautiful planet, and by working together, we can sustain a clean and healthy world for generations to come- whether it’s cleaning up litter, planting native trees and plants, recycling, reusing, repurposing, or walking instead of driving. April is a time to reflect on our consumption and form sustainable habitats that support the earth and each other.

There are many ways to participate in Earth Month; check out these great opportunities below.

Green Tukwila Tree Walk, Volunteer Opportunities, & Lecture.

MEET THE TREES, Self-Guided Tree Walk 

Trees at Tukwila Park photoBranch out with the 2023 Tukwila Tree Challenge. Fill up a water bottle and take a self-guided tree walk in four local parks. Each park will have signs identifying native trees and explaining why trees are essential to the region. By the end of the tree walk, you will know about Western Red Cedars, Dogwoods, Bigleaf Maples, and so much more.

Participating parks, click on the park for address:  Codiga Park, Riverton ParkTukwila Park, and Crestview Park


Wildlife Wednesday FREE Lecture Series 

Bee on flower

Pollinators at Home with Leia Althauser,  April 5, 2023, 5:45 pm

Discover the relationship between plants, pollinators, and you with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Conservation Educator Leia Althauser. Find opportunities to explore common pollinators who may live in your neighborhood and experiment with different ways to make your outdoor spaces “move-in ready” for pollinators.

Hybrid Event, Tukwila Community Center, or Zoom.  Sign up today:

HANDS-ON Green Tukwila Volunteer Restoration Work Parties. 

Youth with shovels Local Forest Stewards need hands-on help removing noxious weeds in our parks to create healthy habitats for wildlife and a cleaner watershed for all. Fun Fact: Tukwila’s Parks are like giant sponges that soak up dirty water from roadways and air pollution, filter it, and restore clean air and water in the environment. The more trees and native plants, the more pollution can be filtered out. Join us!

Sign up today:  

City Nature Challenge, Community Science 

women taking photo with camera of nature.What is the city nature challenge? Girl taking photo with phone

In short, a global nature observation event using community science! You can help by observing nature, identifying observations, or better yet – both! Look high and low for all nature in the region and share your observations using iNaturalist!

Seattle-Tacoma City Nature Challenge 2023 Dates 

  • April 28 – May 1 – Observe and report nature
  • April 28 – May 7 – Identify observations on iNaturalist

How do I make observations? Where do I find wildlife and plants for photos? How do I use iNaturalist, and what is it?  For answers to these questions and more, click the link below for online information and join the virtual training on April 25th.

Watch this 5 min overview of the City Nature Challenge, why community science is essential, and how to participate from the Cobb County Water System in 2020.

Pledge to Commute Sustainably

South King County Trips can help you find safe, healthy, and sustainable ways to get where you need to go. Sign up for a FREE $20 ORCA transit reward and pledge to ride transit, walk, bike, roll or carpool.

Learn more: CLICK HERE

Metro Flex, On-Demand Neighborhood Transit Service

Metro Flex is a rideshare option provided by Metro to connect people to events, happenings, and different places to explore nature, saving drive-alone trips. Book a short ride on your phone and get picked up a few steps from your front door. Metro Flex is the exact cost of a bus trip: $2.75 for adults, $1.00 with ORCA LIFT and RRFP, and free for youth. Metro Flex is available in Tukwila, Kent, Renton, Skyway, and more. Download the Metro Flex app to ride.

Learn more: CLICK HERE