Four City Council seats are up for election this year

Interested in helping guide the direction of your community?   If you have considered serving in public office, four Council seats are up for election this year:

#1   (currently held by Verna Seal)
#3   (currently held by Thomas McLeod)
#5   (currently held by Joe Duffie)
#7   (currently held by De’Sean Quinn)

January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2021

$1,250 per month (2017), plus certain medical benefits.

Tukwila City Councilmembers serve at large, representing the City’s residents.   Council duties include reviewing, studying, discussing and deciding on policy and budget questions.   Interaction with members of the community involves public and personal meetings, email or other written correspondence, and phone conversations.     Councilmembers attend weekly Council meetings, as well as meetings of standing committees and special meetings scheduled throughout the year.

A candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of Tukwila for at least one year.   Candidates should have a working knowledge of the laws that regulate City government.


By mail:   May 1-19, 4:30pm, regardless of postmark
In person:   May 15, 8:30am-May 19, 4:30pm
Online:   May 15, 9:00am-May 19, 4:30pm


Primary:   August 1, 2017
General:   November 7, 2017

Contact King County Elections for complete rules and requirements. Questions? Call 206-296-1565