Proposed new standards for drainage review and the design of development projects

The City of Tukwila is updating its development codes relating to drainage review and the design of development projects. The updated standards and procedures will be applicable city-wide. The overall objective of the code update is to control pollution from potentially pollution generating activities. The intent of these changes is to provide better protection of environmental resources and private property and to meet the requirements of the WA State Growth Management Act, the Clean Water Act and the Tukwila Municipal Stormwater permit requirements.

Drainage designs will be required to use the 2016 King County Surface Water Design Manual and best management practices for low impact development to the maximum extent feasible for flow control. There are numerous proposed changes in other chapters of the City’s municipal code in order to provide consistency with these new storm water standards and procedures.

A SEPA review is currently under way and your comments are requested.

Check back for the date of the City’s Planning Commission public hearing on these code related changes or provide us with your contact information and we will let you know when it is scheduled.

Please contact Greg Villanueva at 206 431 -2442 or at if you have any questions or comments.