Share your input on the creation of the 2025-26 Biennial Budget

The City of Tukwila is inviting residents to share their input on the 2025-2026 biennial budget through various platforms, highlighting the importance of community feedback in allocating tax dollars effectively. The City Council is dedicated to creating a budget that mirrors the community’s priorities.

Resident participation is crucial in shaping the new budget, influencing financial decisions that impact Tukwila. The City values your input and promises to integrate it into the budget development process.

A key tool provided is the Prioritization Board, an interactive platform where residents can select and rank their top service priorities. This user-friendly tool helps residents make informed choices about essential services, guiding the City Council in precise budget decisions.

Your contributions through the Prioritization Board are invaluable for effective resource allocation, enhancing transparency, and fostering community involvement in local governance. Participate in this process to ensure Tukwila’s budget reflects residents’ true needs and aspirations.