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In 2012, we spent the better part of the year engaging with community representatives, City staff, and City leaders to develop a strategic plan that would guide the City of Tukwila’s actions and investments for the following five to ten years. Now it is 2018, six years after this plan was written. As we begin the process of adopting the 2019-2020 budget using a new budgeting method, Priority Based Budgeting, we want to make sure that the strategic plan still reflects the Community’s priorities and values.

In 2012, the City adopted a shared vision that Tukwila will be “The city of opportunity, the community of choice.” The City also adopted a shared mission: “To provide superior services that support a safe, inviting, and healthy environment for our residents, businesses, and guests.”

The City also developed a set of five goals:

  1. A Community of Inviting Neighborhoods & Vibrant Business Districts.
  2. A Solid Foundation for All Tukwila Residents.
  3. A Diverse & Regionally Competitive Economy.
  4. A High-Performing & Effective Organization.
  5. A Positive Community Identity & Image.


So what do you think? Do the vision, mission, and strategic goals still reflect our community priorities? We want to hear from you.

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