Tukwila residents may qualify for utility discounts or tax rebate

2015 utility tax rebates

In 2003 the City of Tukwila imposed a Utility Tax and added surcharge to Seattle City Light customers as a contract fee. With Resolution No. 1547, the City established policy to rebate the additional taxes and contract surcharge fees to eligible low-income seniors (age 62 or older) or disabled residents for electric and natural gas utility rebates.

Criteria for eligibility

  • Must be at least 62 years of age or disabled.
  • Must have combined income of less than $32,000 or less than $32,000 if single.
  • Must be a Puget Sound Energy or Seattle City Light customer.

Required information due by June 30, 2016

  • Must complete application and notarized supplemental affidavit at the Finance Department in Tukwila City Hall.
  • Must provide copy of 2015 income tax return.
  • Provide copy of their Puget Sound Energy or Seattle City Light 12/31/15 billing statement as verification of customer account status.

Payment process

Applicants determined to be eligible will receive a rebate check from the City based on the actual taxes and surcharges paid in 2015. For additional information, call Fiscal Coordinator Lily Jue at 206-433-7190.


Other discounts available to residents

For eligible customers, the City offers a reduced rate of 50% on both the water/sewer bill and the surface water (storm) bill. To qualify, the person must be at least 62 years of age (if married, then either spouse) or totally and permanently disabled, and have a combined disposable income from all sources of less than $32,000 per year. This rate only applies to customers residing in the City’s water/sewer and/or surface water jurisdiction. Proof of income, age, and/or disability is required. To apply, download the application or get one from the Finance Department at City Hall. The application must be notarized, which the City can do for this document at no charge.

Cable TV and garbage customers who are low-income seniors (age 62 or older) and/or permanently disabled residents are eligible for these discounts. Monthly garbage service: 50% discount Monthly basic TV service: 40% discount Disposable income from all sources must not exceed $32,000 per household. For additional information or assistance, please call Frank Iriarte at 206-431-2445.