Arts In The Parks

Arts-in-the-Parks, a mural program, improves the visual vibrancy, connection, and interest to Tukwila’s beautiful parks system while supporting the local art scene.  Tukwila Parks and Recreation worked with Urban Artworks in the summer of 2021 to create the Arts-in-the-Parks program. The program put out an open art call and artists were chosen by the Tukwila community.  Artists were stipend and painted murals onsite over July and August.  In addition to the 10 large murals, 11 different artists created artwork for a Pop-Up Banner Gallery that will move throughout the park’s system over the next year. 

Below is a map and information on the murals and the artists. Please take some time to visit the art in person.


A Day in the Garden, Ground Mural, Artist Angelina Villalobos, 179
On the site visit at Riverton Park, Angelina noticed the beautiful Gully Gardens P-Patch in full bloom and children playing in the field. Her goal was to create a design that represented the flowers of each season in the Pacific Northwest, along with the endangered native bird, Varied Thrush. The ground murals are vibrant and encourage play and conversation. Artist contact & info:

The Shammgod, Artist Craig Cundiff
“The Shammgod” is a throwback to 90’s basketball marketing.  God Shammgod is an American basketball coach and former professional player. He played in the NBA with the Washington Wizards during 1997–98 after being drafted by them in the second round of the 1997 NBA draft. Artist contact & inf0:
The Thrilla in Tukwila, Artist Michiko Tanaka
“I am a longtime tennis player and fan. I’ve watched all of Roger Federer and Serena William’s careers. They are two of the greatest players and Federer may be the greatest player of all time. I wanted to pay tribute to them and their different styles. Serena is all power and Roger is all finesse.” Artist contact & info:
Artist Deborah Bagby
Artist contact & info:
Sea-Earth-Sky, Artist Jen Vickers
“I’m always inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. For this piece, I wanted to create a bold, graphic representation of what makes this region so special: the water, the greenery, and the sky. I combined kelp and vinca major into an overlapping, flowing piece. The circles can be interpreted as the sky, the moon, or the tides.” Artist contact & info:
Rollin’ Artist Tatyana Ostapenko
“I wanted to create something fun and unexpected, so I went with an image that is both joyful and surprising. Most of my work celebrates older women in an attempt to remove the invisibility of old age that is all too common. I also love vast landscapes and cats. So I put all of my favorite things into this mural.” Artist contact & info:
Blooming, Artist  Xin Xin
“Line drawings remind me of objects dancing in the wind. This design in black and gold represents the details and elegance of nature around us.” Artist contact &
Starry Calamansi Night, Artist Nikita Ares
“I was inspired by the location itself! The forms and colors were based on the energy of people constantly moving and passing by the park, and the colors of the green nature plus the playground.” Artist contact & info:
Pristine Pacific Northwest, Artist Heather Sparkles
“The location I was given for this project was the cabin at Bicentennial Park, which gave me thought as to the concept of “home”. I wanted the window and door panels to feel like entrances to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. My hope is that it will inspire people to treat the park and all of nature around us as we treat our own private home dwellings – with care, respect, love, and stewardship.”
Bird Friends of Tukwila, Artist Annemieke Beemster Leverenz
A stylized vista of Green River and the cascades as seen from Tukwila, populated by some of the bird friends that frequent the area. Artist contact & info:

Pop-Up Banner Gallery

The Pop-up Banner Gallery will move from park to park, bringing art to different neighborhoods.  Keep an eye out when it might pop up in your neighborhood.

Akira Ohiso: Website:
Perry Porter: Instagram:
Rosalyn Overall: Instagram
Amanda Jorgensen: website:
Cecilia DeLeon:  Instagram:
Sarah Hughes: website:
Craig Johnson: website:



Tukwila is home to over 150 acres of open space including twenty parks, twelve miles of multi-use trails, Foster Golf Links, and the Tukwila Community Center.   The mission of the Tukwila Parks and Recreation is to enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors through a quality system of public spaces, programs, and events that enhance and promote opportunities for health and fitness, personal growth, relaxation, community connection, civic engagement, and environmental stewardship.

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