In recognition of George Floyd – A statement from Mayor Ekberg

I want to take a moment to recognize that many around the country have been hurting due to hundreds of years of systematic oppression within our country resulting in countless victims, including the horrific event in Minneapolis causing Mr. Floyd’s death last year. Today I believe our nation took a step forward as justice responded to that travesty.

While I grieve the loss of George Floyd, and today’s verdict will certainly not bring him back, I am heartened that today we saw justice served. Like so many other members of the Tukwila community, I am committed to continuing this forward momentum and fighting inequity, racism, and poverty.

On behalf of the City of Tukwila, I want to acknowledge the realities of what our nation’s past has forged on us today. We have systematic and institutional injustices that are on all of us to fix. I am pleased to represent a City that I know, while imperfect, is working toward these goals.

Allan Ekberg
Tukwila, Mayor