Fire Marshal’s Office using new software notification system for Tukwila Businesses

Attention: Tukwila Businesses!

Is your business protected by a fire alarm, fire sprinkler system, and/or commercial kitchen hoods over cooking areas?  The adopted fire code and our municipal code requires fire protection systems to be inspected on regular intervals.  If deficiencies are found, they must be noted and repaired in a timely manner.  This keeps you and the public safe!

The Tukwila Fire Marshal’s Office has started using a software system called “The Compliance Engine” (TCE), offered by BRYCER.  This allows for our office to keep track of third-party contract reports for routine fire protection system inspections (such as Fire Alarm, Hood Suppression, Hood Cleaning, Sprinkler, etc.), and helps ensure those fire protection systems will function as intended in times of emergency.

This software system will send out letters to businesses notifying them of the following: a required inspection is approaching its due date, there is a deficiency to the system that must be repaired, or you are past due for the required inspection.  A follow-up phone call from BRYCER will occur if a protection system is 60 days past the required inspection date, or 45 days have passed since you were notified of a deficiency to a fire protection system.

It’s important to schedule required inspections with your service provider and take care of all deficiencies as soon as possible. Your service provider will also be required to upload the inspection or repair documentation to BRYCER.  This is how we know the system in your business remains functioning as intended.  If your service provider is unsure of how to upload their report, or if you wish to learn more about BRYCER, information can be found at:

Thank you for helping the Tukwila Fire Marshal’s office achieve our mission of protecting life and property through education, code compliance and customer service.