Stormwater Management Action Planning (SMAP) Public Involvement and Participation

Tukwila is growing. As more people come to call our City home, the river and streams that we enjoy face new pressures. The City is currently developing a Stormwater Management Action Plan, or SMAP, that will select one stream from within Tukwila to evaluate how we can manage stormwater and design infrastructure that reduces pollution and improves water quality. Tukwila residents have the opportunity be part of the selection process. Help the City choose a stream for the SMAP by sharing your ideas and comments about the local streams you enjoy most.

Successful planning and consensus requires your input and ideas and we want your feedback as the City develops its SMAP. Please complete the online survey by June 10th. Any questions can be directed to Surface Water Senior Program Manager, Mike Perfetti at or, 206-550-4930.