Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Project Status Updates: 

Currently public works efforts are focused on the Allentown Neighborhood speed and safety study. The design phase for Allentown Neighborhood is currently going on. We currently anticipate safety improvements at S 124th St. 44th and S 124th St. 46th. We plan on having construction occur in summer and be completed by the end of 2022.  

Other projects on the existing priority list include: Tukwila Elementary Safety Improvements, Cascade View Elementary Safety, Impact Charter School Safety Improvements, Tukwila Community Center Pedestrian Crossing Safety Improvements, Macadam Road Speed and Safety Improvements, Southcenter Boulevard/65th Avenue S Pedestrian Safety Improvements, City-wide Residential Speed Limit Review, S Ryan Way Pedestrian Safety Improvements, and S 144th Street/46th Avenue S ADA Ramps. We are always getting new requests that we consider and prioritize throughout the year.  


Project Overview 

The Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, or NTCP for short, is a neighborhood-friendly way for Public Works to continue providing good customer service for our residents.  Traffic conditions on residential streets greatly affect neighborhood livability. Speeding and unnecessary through traffic on residential streets can create safety hazards or be generally undesirable to the people who live in the neighborhood. The NTCP has been developed to guide City staff and inform residents about the procedures for implementing traffic calming on residential streets. The NTCP only applies to streets in primarily residential areas which are classified as either a local street or a collector arterial. The NTCP does not apply to any streets in commercial areas or to principal or minor arterials, even if they are in residential areas. 

Traffic calming is defined as the application of measures which can be taken to reduce negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior, and improve conditions for non-motorized street users. There are many different treatment options that can be considered for each unique location. The answer for one street is rarely the same for another, as each street and each neighborhood have different conditions, needs and goals. 



Project Library  


Contact Information 

Cyndy Knighton
Senior Transportation Program Manager
Phone Number: 206-431-2450