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People in the United States at all income levels have experienced rebuilding their lives after a disaster. In those stressful times, having access to personal financials, insurance, medical and other records is crucial for starting the recovery process quickly and efficiently.

Gather financial and critical personal, household, and medical information. This could include:

  • Government issued documents (copies of birth certificates, social security cards, passports, driver’s license, custody agreements, etc.)
  • Proof of ownership documents (copies of titles, deeds, registrations, or copies of rental agreements).
  • Medical & Health Information (copies of medical records, medical diagnoses, lists of current medications)
  • Other Important documents (copies of your will, marriage certificates


Consider saving money in an emergency savings account that could be used in a crisis. During a disaster, ATMs and credit cards may not work. Keep some cash in small bills at home in a safe place to purchase necessary supplies, food and fuel during a disaster.

Obtain property (homeowners or renters), health, and life insurance. Keep in mind, not all insurance polices are the same. Be sure to review your policy and make sure the amount and types of coverage you have meet your needs in a disaster. Homeowners and renters insurance do not typically cover flooding or earthquake damage, so you may need separate policies.


For more helpful financial preparedness tips download the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) and start planning today.