We asked people who live, work, or spend time in Tukwila which of the following programs/amenities they would like to see in their community, school, or place of employment. These results reflect the top programs or amenities that employers and facilities can provide to support their employees in making their commutes healthier and happier! Employers can do a lot to encourage their employees to choose alternative commute modes. If you would like assistance with an existing or new CTR program please contact us!

What is the CTR Program?

The Washington State Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program is a partnership of state and local governments, major employers, and other agencies to work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The mandatory program strives to reduce traffic congestion, minimize energy consumption, and improve air quality by assisting employees at qualifying work sites to find alternate ways of getting to work besides driving alone.

Access to an efficient transportation system is fundamental for communities and employers to support livability as our region experiences rapid population growth. Our goal in Tukwila is to improve transportation systems by achieving a non-drive alone rate of 73% and reducing vehicle miles traveled to 14 miles per employee by 2020.

Basic Requirements for Employers

Any employer with 100 or more employees who report to work at a single site between 6 and 9 a.m. is subject to the law. Some employers are considered affected by the ordinance as a condition of a City permit. Affected employers must:

  • Appoint and maintain an individual to act as an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) for employees and to be the primary contact with the City. City Ordinance #2201 requires training for new ETCs.
  • Develop and promote a program that helps employees reduce drive-alone commute trips.
  • Conduct a commute survey every two years to measure employees’ drive alone rates.
  • Complete a program report survey every two years.
  • Submit the program report and surveys to the City’s Commute Trip Reduction Coordinator for review and approval.
  • Exercise a good faith effort by collaborating with the City in administration and implementation of the law.

Voluntary CTR Program

The City encourages all employers, private and public, who are not required to participate by law to voluntarily develop and participate in trip reduction programs. City assistance to develop a transportation demand management program is available to all Tukwila employers. Opportunities to participate in many local transit and rideshare promotions are available—connect your employees with incentives and assistance in planning a smarter, less stressful commute!

For further information contact our Commute Trip Reduction Coordinator at (206) 433-7142


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