Commute Trip Reduction

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tukwila is scheduled to survey employees in spring 2024.

What is CTR?

If your worksite has 100 or more employees arriving at work between the hours of 6 am and 9 am, your company may be affected by Washington State’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) law. Some employers are considered affected by the ordinance as a condition of a City permit. Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) and large employers play a critical role in reducing drive-alone trips and promoting transit, biking, walking, teleworking and alternative work schedules.

Basic Requirements for Employers

  • Appoint an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) for employees and to be the primary contact with the City.
  • Develop and promote a CTR program that helps employees reduce drive-alone commute trips.
  • Conduct a commute survey every two years to measure employee commute habits.
  • Complete a program report every two years.
  • Exercise a good faith effort by collaborating with the City in administration and implementation of the law.

ETC Training

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What transportation benefits do locals value?

We asked people who live, work, or spend time in Tukwila which programs/amenities they would like to see in their community, school, or place of employment. These results reflect the top programs or amenities that employers and facilities can provide to support their employees in making their commutes healthier and happier. Employers can do a lot to encourage their employees to choose alternative commute modes!