Comprehensive Plan 2024-2044 Update

Tukwila’s Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that describes how the City will manage its growth and provide necessary services and facilities over a 20-year planning horizon.  The Comprehensive Plan receives a major update every ten years as required by state law.  The Current Plan was adopted in 2015.

Throughout 2023-2024, the City will be conducting the Plan’s update, with a completion date of December 2024. The periodic update of the Comprehensive Plan requires a thorough review each element of the Plan to ensure it reflects new laws and requirements, as well as provides responses to changing conditions within the community. Over the next two years, the City will conduct a robust community engagement process to gather public input on the Plan’s priorities.

Let’s Talk About Housing!

Tukwila is studying the possibility of encouraging development of “Middle Housing” in the City.   This kind of housing may be one of the keys to expanding housing options and increasing affordability.  Click here to learn more, take a survey, and provide your thoughts!   Check out the Engagement Hub!

Critical Issues the 2024 Plan Will Address

While the Plan update will review the entire plan, the Plan will focus on specific issues that are critical to the community over the next 20 years:

HOUSING – how can the City support and encourage the development of affordable housing that addresses the needs of all Tukwila’s residents – at all income levels, for families of all sizes, for specialized needs, etc.

CLIMATE CHANGE & COMMUNITY RESILIENCE – how can the City and community adopt practices and implement procedures and projects that protect our quality of life as environmental conditions change.  As a part of this issue, how can we protect and enhance our natural resources and environment so future generations can also enjoy these special parts of Tukwila.

EQUITY – It is important that City resources and services support all parts of the community.  The Plan will help ensure that Equity is considered as the City selects its priorities.  For this reason, the City is prioritizing ensuring that all communities within the City have the opportunity to share their ideas about what Tukwila should look like in the future.

How Can I Get Involved?

A full periodic review is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to revisit our community vision. As a Tukwila resident, your input is crucial to the success of this plan as it will shape our goals for years to come.  Staff are starting to meet with community groups to hear their thoughts about the Plan, and we are finalizing the public participation plan.

If you have a group interested in hearing a presentation about the Comprehensive Planning process, contact Nancy Eklund at or (206) 433-7141.  Click our Engagement Hub link to find out more about issues the Plan is addressing and how you can get involved (e.g., respond to a survey, attend an upcoming outreach event, provide your comments about a particular issue, etc.).  Plus – you can email your questions and input to!

  • Would your group or organization like a presentation about the Comprehensive Planning process?
    Contact Nancy Eklund at or (206) 433-7141.

Upcoming Events

May 25, 6:30 p.m. 
Planning Commission
(City Council Chambers, City Hall, 6200 Southcenter Blvd, Tukwila and virtually – see the Digital Records Center link)

June 6, 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Community Open House
(Sullivan Center, 14350 Tukwila International Blvd.)
Refreshments provided

More information about the Plan and opportunities to provide your input will be available at various events around the City this summer.  Be sure to check out the Engagement Hub, sign up on the mailing list below, and watch the Hazelnut newsletter and e-Hazelnut newsletter (use the link to sign up) for more updates about events!

Project Schedule

The Comprehensive Plan must be adopted by the City no later than December 31, 2024.  However, because the Council will need to formulate the 2025-2027 City Budget in the fall of 2024, the Comprehensive Plan will need to be adopted by Council no later than September 2024.  Based on that, going forward, the Plan’s development will follow the following schedule:

Summer/Fall 2023                Community Outreach, primary effort

Winter/Spring 2024              Outreach, more limited effort

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission will be meeting on the following dates to consider these Plan elements (this schedule of review may change somewhat to address other demands).  If additional time is needed by the Planning Commission for consideration of these Plan elements, additional dates may be added to this schedule.

Meeting Date Comprehensive Plan Element Discussion
May 25 Briefing on Proposed Annexation to Regional Fire Authority
Presentation about Comprehensive Plan Update for elected and appointed officials
June 22 Middle Housing Ordinance Discussion (City Consultant)
Transportation Plan Status (lead by Public Works)
Economic Development Briefing (lead by Economic Development)
July 27 Outreach summary to date
Community Image
PROS (with input from the Parks Dept)
August 24 Land Use
Any possible 2023 Code updates required (Housekeeping or Legislative requirements)
September 14 Board of Architectural Review – TBD
September 28 Land Use / Subarea Discussion
Economic Development Element
October 12 Natural Environment / Shoreline (Climate Change)
Housing/ Reasonable Measures
October 26 Land Use / Housing / Reasonable Measures
Transportation (element update lead by PW)
November 9 Capital Facilities / Utilities Element
Anticipated 2024 Code Updates – intro
December 14 Land Use / Housing/ Reasonable Measures
Capital Facilities / Utilities Element (input from PW & Planning)
January 25 Land Use / Housing/ Reasonable Measures
Capital Facilities / Utilities Element (input from PW & Planning)
Roles and Responsibilities
February 22 Anticipated 2024 Code Updates
Land Use / Housing/ Reasonable Measures
Transportation (element update lead by PW)
March 28 Public Hearing
April 25 Finalize Public Hearing
May – September Final Agency Review, City Council Review and Public Hearing

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