Tukwila Teen & Senior Center Project

Project Overview

The City of Tukwila is developing plans for a Teen and Senior Center in the Tukwila International Boulevard neighborhood that will serve the diverse needs of the Tukwila community. This important project is currently funded for the programming and feasibility phases, which is expected to last through 2021. The City will then determine final program proposals, adjacencies, and a construction and operations funding strategy.

The first phase of the project is to dialogue with as many members of the community as possible.  In order to accomplish this, the City is working with a variety of organizational partners to co-design with individuals, groups and other stakeholders the types of spaces, programs and partnerships this new facility could host. To accomplish this, City staff are participating in small group meetings – largely virtually in the beginning due to the pandemic – to gain more insight from the community.  Near the end of this phase of outreach, there will be one to two large community town hall meetings to give community members another opportunity to share input and perspectives around this project.  Community members will also have the opportunity to provide their ideas over surveys and other methods in order to gain the widest community perspective possible.

Overall community engagement goals

  • Serve as a model for new approaches to community outreach that centers in and for community, building trust, embracing community ideas and imbedding community in the process of project ideation and development.
  • Strengthen existing ties to community, build new relationships and establish lasting partnerships that will inform this project and can translate/inform future City of Tukwila community outreach efforts.
  • Address the unique challenges of engaging in community outreach during a pandemic including:
    • Strategies for addressing digital divides, varying levels of digital literacy, multiple languages and varying hours of availability.
  • Assist in identification of community representatives to engage alongside design and planning team members.
  • Ensure connections with Tukwila residents, local schools, non-profits and senior community.
  • Provide an achievable plan for the financing, construction and long-term maintenance and operations of this new City facility.



Siting Preference Survey


Proposed Program Overview Meeting – January 18, 2022


Predesign Phase Reports

This report is the first of two Predesign Phase reports. Report 1 and the accompanying Appendix focus on developing a more transformative engagement process and the outcomes of that process around a preliminary program and space types. Report 2 and Appendix will focus on site selection and community engagement around potential sites.

Initial Project Phases


Goals, Signals, Values and Dreams Phase

In Spring of 2021, staff met with groups and individuals to solicit answers to the follow questions to inform the initial programming:

  1. What do you love about Tukwila? What makes Tukwila “home”?
  2. What do seniors/teens bring to the community? Why do you think valuing seniors/teens in our community is important?
  3. Are there any things that can be done to serve you and this community better?  If so, what are those things?
  4. What would make you want to use a Teen & Senior Center?  And how would you use a Teen & Senior Center?
  5. What kinds of spaces bring you happiness and why?
    • What can people do there?
    • What kinds of settings support those activities?
  6. What is your hope for the Tukwila Teen & Senior Center?
    • What will this place look and feel like?
    • How will we know we are creating the right place?
  7. If it does what you think it should do, what kind of impact could the Teen and Senior Center have on the greater Tukwila community?
  8. Is there anything else that you would like to share?


Spaces, Programming and Site Selection Phase

With input on the goals, signals, values and dreams, the project team will start envisioning the spaces, rooms and other facilities that address the ideas of the community.  This phase allows us to better understand what functions should be next to each other, ideas on the general “look and feel” of the facility and what outside spaces best address the community’s priorities.  The project team will also propose potential sites for community and Council consideration.


Drafting the Proposal and Identifying Funding Strategies

In late summer, the project team will gather all of the community priorities, questions and desires into a draft proposal that will illustrate the different types of spaces to support community programming, general “look and feel” of the building and outside spaces, as well as potential funding strategies for both constructing and operating the center.


Checking back in with the Community – This is what we heard

In the fall, the project team will return with the draft proposal for further review and edits from the community.   The main pieces of feedback will be centered around, “did we hear you correctly?”  If so, the team will move forward.  If not, the project team will continue collaboration with the community to make proper tweaks and adjustments to ensure alignment with the community.

Community Involvement Schedule

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Project Updates

Project Overview and Siting Preference Narrated Presentation


City Council Presentation – December 13, 2021

City Council Presentation – September 27, 2021

Community members discussing their participation in the Champions Workshops

City Council Presentation – June 21, 2021

How you can get involved

  • Take the survey – share your thoughts on the questions identified above
  • Attend the Town Hall meeting – Engage with other community members around the questions identified above.
  • Participate in a community meeting – while these are only available online right now due to the pandemic, staff is setting up public meeting opportunities to hear Tukwila’s diverse voices
  • Invite staff to your event – again, also virtual only, but staff is happy to meet with your organization, group or neighborhood to hear your thoughts. You can also provide suggestions of other groups or organizations that staff should reach out to.
  • Sign up to receive updates and to learn more about what other community members are sharing with regards to the project.