Tukwila, like many communities in King County, are located along a major river system. Combinations of heavy rain, melting snow, or other severe storm threats can make living in a flood plain dangerous.

Tukwila residents and businesses need to be aware of the risks of flooding.


Be Prepared

  • Learn the safest route from your home or business to higher ground.
  • Think about where you’ll go if you have to leave your home because of flooding.
  • Teach everyone in your home how, where, and when to turn off utilities.
  • Review your flood insurance policy. If you don’t have a policy, consider one. Contact your insurance agent or visit
  • Follow the King County Flood Warnings Page
  • Sign up to receive Flood Alerts


During a Flood –What to do

  • Monitor local media and NOAA Weather Radio for information and emergency instructions.
  • Have your emergency kit ready to go if told to evacuate.
  • If you are told to evacuate, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Do not delay or refuse to leave. You could be jeopardizing your safety, the safety of first responders, and hinder rescue efforts.
  • Move your furniture, valuables, and chemicals to higher levels of your home.


During a Flood –What NOT to do

  • Do not drive around barricades –they are for your safety.
  • Most cars can be carried away by two feet of moving water. NEVER drive through a flooded area.
  • DO NOT walk or wade through flood waters.