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Tukwila International Boulevard Neighborhood Planning

The City of Tukwila adopted the Tukwila International Boulevard District Element of the Comprehensive Plan in 2015. This fall we will begin working will local residents, businesses, service providers, and other stakeholders in implementing the community’s vision for the neighborhood.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to the workshop – it was a success because of your participation.

Your vision and goals were reviewed and your comments were collected.   The CNU consultant team is putting together a report that will be presented to the City in May.  Their presentation of draft recommendations is here.    Please go to the project’s twitter hashtag #TIBRising and add your comments or send us an email.

See the team of consultants from the Congress for New Urbanism who are working on this project.

View a retail study for the TIB neighborhood that was completed for the TIB/CNU Workshop.   The work was done by Bob Gibbs who believes that sustainable development and vibrant community life are only possible with a vital commercial life, and that new and old towns alike need intelligent strategies for its survival. Gibbs Planning Group (GPG) is considered one of the foremost urban retail planning consultancies in America. For more than two decades, GPG’s expertise in commercial development and sustainable town planning has been sought by some of the most respected mayors, highly regarded architects, and successful real-estate developers in the country.

More information about Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) Legacy Projects can be found HERE.

The Community’s Vision

An area that is a complete neighborhood with thriving, multicultural residential and business communities with vibrant places where everyone can live, work, shop and play. The area is a safe and walkable destination with an authentic main street that is connected to other destinations.  There is an emphasis on self-sustaining, living wage employment opportunities here.

The City will begin working on how to:

  • Improve the area’s walkability
  • Create through zoning, two distinct areas ¾ of a mile apart at S. 144th and Southcenter Boulevard
  • Reconfigure TIB into a street that connects the east and west sides through more protected crossings, that contains on-street parking, and is known as a destination instead of just a throughway
  • Strengthen design guidelines so that buildings support a walkable environment and enhance overall neighborhood quality
  • Modify the parking requirement in order to minimize the negative impact of large empty parking lots on neighborhood quality and walkability
  • Develop strategies for increasing sidewalks and decreasing the size of blocks
  • Preserve and enhance the multicultural character of the area
  • Foster community engagement among residents and businesses and investment in the area thereby supporting the sense of safety and community livability.


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