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Comprehensive Plan

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Tukwila’s Comprehensive Plan is a long-term guiding document or “blueprint” that explains the community’s values and priorities to guide growth and development. Tukwila’s Comprehensive Plan anticipates change and provides specific guidance for future legislative and administrative actions. The plan reflects community involvement, technical analysis, state and regional requirements and the judgment of decision-makers.

Tukwila’s Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1995. It is updated regularly to stay current, but its basic objectives remain constant. They are:

  • Great neighborhoods
  • A vibrant and diverse Tukwila International Boulevard District
  • Good jobs along East Marginal Way
  • A thriving Southcenter/Urban Center for shopping, working, living and playing

Tukwila’s Comprehensive Plan is a flexible framework that adapts to changing conditions over time. The Plan’s building blocks include chapters on land use, transportation, housing, neighborhoods, economic development, capital facilities, utilities, and the natural environment.


Keeping the Comprehensive Plan Current

  • Annual Amendments

The Comprehensive Plan may be changed or amended once each year, except in case of emergency. Members of the public who wish to propose a policy change may apply by December 31 for consideration in the following year.

  • Periodic Review and Update

State law requires a periodic review of Comprehensive Plans and development regulations. The periodic review is distinguished from the yearly amendment process that usually addresses smaller proposals for plan amendments.

In 2015 Tukwila completed reviewing and updating its Comprehensive Plan to ensure that it meets statewide planning regulations, includes regional growth targets for housing and employment, and reflects the community’s priorities. Comprehensive Plan policies for capital facilities, utilities, transportation, the natural environment housing, residential neighborhoods, transportation corridors, economic development, Tukwila South, and community image, roles, and responsibilities have all been newly revised. In addition, a new Parks and Open Space chapter was developed.
The review also ensured that the Comprehensive Plan reflects the priorities that the community expressed during Tukwila’s Strategic Plan development in 2012. In 2016 and beyond, development and other code language will be reviewed to reflect updated Comprehensive Plan goals and policies.