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Recycling and Waste Prevention Services


Residential Recycling, Composting and Waste Prevention

Waste Management provides recycling services free of charge to its Tukwila residential customers in single-family homes, apartment and condominiums. Single-family residents may sign up for service directly with Waste Management. Apartment and condominium residents check with their building manager, and ask them to contact Waste Management. An additional fee is charged to collect yard waste and food scraps.

Many materials are recyclable or compostable. Here are complete lists of where items go:


Contact Waste Management for information on recycling in your apartment, condominium, or single-family home. Waste Management can also be reached via phone at 1-855-TUKWILA (1-855-885-9452).


Hazardous Materials

To learn more about household hazardous materials and proper disposal, visit the King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program.


Waste Prevention

Recycling is Good: Waste Prevention is Better

Recycling saves resources, but preventing waste is even better. Waste prevention is any activity that reduces, avoids, or eliminates waste at its source. Waste prevention saves us the hassle and costs associated with controlling, treating and managing products after we are done with them.

Other Suggestions:


Residential Collection Event

Each spring, the City of Tukwila, in conjunction with King County, hosts an annual special event for all Tukwila residents to drop off “hard to recycle” items for recycling and reuse. Information on date, location and materials accepted is mailed to all Tukwila residents prior to the event. Rain barrels and/or compost bins are sold to Tukwila residents at reduced cost.

Two “cleanup” events are sponsored by the City of Tukwila in the summer and fall for Tukwila residents who are customers of Waste Management. Residential solid waste customers will receive mailings with specific information prior to the events.


Tukwila Annual Garage Sale

Each summer, Tukwila hosts a community-wide garage sale for Tukwila residents to promote reuse, recycling and community-building. Tukwila residents hold garage sales at their homes across the city on a single weekend. The City of Tukwila provides a free recycling information kit for each participant, and publicizes the sale with ads listing of sale sites in local newspapers, and on the City’s website. Residents receive sign-up information through the mail, and on Tukwila’s website.


Composting at home

Tukwila residents can sign up for yard waste and food scrap collection at home for a fee through Waste Management. Some residents, however, prefer to use yard waste and fruit/vegetable scraps to make compost, a useful soil amendment for the garden.

Visit the City of Tukwila’s compost demonstration site adjacent to the Gully Gardens P-Patch at Riverton Park, 12535 50th Place S., Tukwila to see composting in action and to learn more about making and using compost.

For more detailed information about the benefits of composting, and recipes to make compost, visit the following sites.

For help in recycling, buying recycled, or preventing waste, please contact the City of Tukwila Recycling Coordinator at (206) 433-7141 or

Business Recycling and Waste Prevention

Business Recycling Resources:

Tukwila businesses may choose the recycler that best suits their needs from among those that serve the city. All Businesses in the City of Tukwila that have garbage service through Waste Management are eligible for recycling dumpsters or carts and service at no additional cost. Businesses are eligible for recycling 150% of the level of their garbage service. To find out which items are recyclable and which are garbage, visit these links:

Waste Management also provides compost (yard waste and food waste) collection for a cost. Here is a complete list of what is accepted as part of this service.

For specialty item recycling and a complete list of all recyclers that service Tukwila, see the Business Recycling Guide.

See the Environmentally Preferable Products Purchasing Guide for help in “greening” your business.


Business Recycling Program Assistance

The City of Tukwila’s Business Recycling Program can help your company or your tenants save money and prevent waste by starting or improving on-site recycling, waste prevention or “buy recycled” programs. All assistance is without cost. We can help your business:

  • Begin or improve a recycling program
  • Identify current recycling rates
  • Increase recycling collection volumes and minimize disposal costs
  • Identify recycling opportunities for unique or challenging materials.
  • Provide recycling education to employees, janitorial service providers and tenants. Outreach can include presentations or booths by recycling experts.
  • Furnish materials such as guides and stickers listing what can and cannot be recycled to place on recycling containers or recycling containers(when available)
  • Promote resource conservation, waste prevention and buying recycled-content products.

Our goal is to help you achieve a minimum 50% recycling rate! Please contact the City of Tukwila Recycling Coordinator at (206) 433-7141 or  for more information.

Business Recycling Recognition and Awards

Your Tukwila business can receive recognition for its recycling, waste prevention, and “buy recycled” achievements.


Tukwila Green Works Program

Join the City of Tukwila’s Green Works Program and receive recognition for your business’s recycling efforts! By becoming a Green Works member, you may also win the “Recycler of the Year” award. Green Works applicants are judged each fall to pick the “Tukwila Business Recycler of the Year”


Tukwila Green Works Members:

  • Practice three or more waste prevention strategies,
  • Recycle at least 40% of their solid waste
  • Use three or more recycled products.

As a Tukwila Green Works member, you will receive:

  • A letter of appreciation from the Mayor of Tukwila.
  • A framed certificate of recognition.
  • A vinyl window “cling” identifying your business as a Tukwila Greenworks member
  • Recognition in a Tukwila publication/website.


Joining the Greenworks program is easy! Just complete a simple application. We’ll even help you if you’d like.

Here’s how to obtain a Greenworks application:

  1. Call 206-433-7141
  2. Email
  3. Download the Tukwila Green Works Application in PDF format.


Tukwila “Business Recycler of the Year” Award

Each year, the City of Tukwila chooses its “Tukwila Business Recycler of the Year” from among the Green Works applicants. Green Works members are automatically entered for consideration as the “Recycler of the Year, and are judged by the City to determine the best candidate. The “Tukwila Business Recycler of the Year” receives recognition through the City of Tukwila website, and is presented with special award to place at their business. See past winners here.

2018 Business Recyclers of the Year

Blanchard Electric


  • Extremely high recycling rate of 98%!
  • Todd Francis has worked hard to find recycling and reuse opportunities for     unusual items that they generate.
  • They reuse materials like bags, packing materials, Styrofoam, pallets.
  • Collection containers are easily accessible throughout the facility and well labeled.


King County ” Best Workplace Recycling” Program

Tukwila businesses that are committed to recycling and waste prevention are invited to apply for  King County’s Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Reduction list. Last year, 65 businesses qualified for the list and were recognized for their strong efforts. To apply,  fill out the online application, available in the spring of each year.





Shred Event through BECU, October 16th, 10AM-1PM 

Bring your un-shredded documents to be shredded onsite and recycled for free.  
BECU Tukwila Financial Center: 12770 Gateway Drive, Tukwila 
For more information visit: 

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events 

While there are not upcoming collection events in Tukwila, there are events coming up in Kent, Auburn and Burien. 

Visit this site to find out what is collected and when the next events are: 


Are you a Recycling Expert? 

It is a good time to review the current requirements for which items are recyclable.  Visit  to review recycling, garbage, and yard waste.  Remember, do not bag recycling- put items loose in your recycling cart or recycling dumpster.  Items also need to be empty before recycling. 

Recent changes for where items should go:  

  • shredded paper belongs in the garbage 
  • plastic clam shell/ salad bar/cookie containers belong in the garbage, and  
  • plastic bags belong in the garbage.   

Plastic bags can be recycled at some local stores, visit for a list of locations. 

King County What Do I Do With database 

This is an excellent resource for finding recyclers for unusual items- all year round.  Look up information based on what you have to find the nearest recycling option.  Categories include batteries, paint, mattresses. 
Medicine Return 

Expired medicine or medicine that is not needed cannot be flushed.  Safely dispose for free at drop boxes or through the mailback program.  Visit for more information. 


Beginning June 16, 2021, the King County Solid Waste Division will require customers who come to a King County recycling and garbage facility to show proof they live or do business within King County’s 37-city and unincorporated service area.  For more information about these changes, click here.

For hours and information about the King County Facility in Tukwila, Bow Lake Recycling and Transfer Station at 18800 Orillia Rd S., click here.

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