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Utility Box Art Program: Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to submit an artwork proposal? 

No, you do not need to make any new artwork or designs for the application. Only selected artist will be asked to create an artwork proposal. You may choose to include your ideas as part of your written responses to the application questions.


What if I’m not sure how to translate my artwork to a digital file? 

There are many ways to photograph or scan artwork to create a digital file. Artists will have support throughout the utility box art making process to find solutions to issues that may arise.  


Are you only looking for digital art?  

No, all art forms are welcome so long as it can be translated to a digital file for vinyl printing.


Will templates be provided? 

Yes, templates that include the shape and measurements of all the utility box panels that need to be covered will be provided. The file is compatible with computer design programs or can be used as a guide for planning analog artwork.


Do I have to make new artwork for the utility box program?

You can create new artwork, combine new and existing artwork, or adapt existing artwork to create your utility box art so long as the artwork design has not previously been used for utility box art in King County.


For my application images, can I combine multiple views into one image?  

Each image should contain one artwork or view rather than combining multiple images. It is better to select one good image that is representative of the project or body of work. You can use the “Work Sample Description Sheet” to make a note that the image is part of a larger series.


What makes for a strong application? 

The jury will review the artwork images first in a blind review process, so no names or other information. Then jurors review the entire application together. Use good images that clearly show your artwork to make a strong first impression. Also, be sure that the written section relates to the artwork examples you’ve provided in your images, rather than artwork that has not been included.