Public Safety Bond Siting Advisory Committee

The Tukwila City Council and Administration share the common goal of ensuring robust community engagement regarding the siting of the facilities included in the Public Safety Plan.   As such, the City has appointed and is staffing the Siting Advisory Committee to provide input and advice to City officials throughout the siting process, particularly with regard to the Justice Center.

While fire station locations are data-driven to ensure optimum response times, and while the Public Works facility will be constrained by acreage and zoning requirements, these facilities can also benefit from the Siting Advisory Committee.

It is important to note the distinction between the Siting Advisory Committee and the Public Safety Bond Financial Oversight Committee.   Both are important efforts to ensure community oversight and review, but have distinct purposes and roles in this effort.

The Siting Advisory Committee  meets the last Wednesday of the month from 6-7:30pm in the Hazelnut conference room at City Hall.

The Siting Advisory Committee’s responsibilities are to:

  • Meet regularly to review outreach efforts, provide advice on strategies and tactics for outreach, and key audiences.
  • Participate in public outreach efforts such as town hall meetings, review feedback generated by the community and verify that major themes are being incorporated into siting decisions and facility plans.
  • Provide City staff with feedback about the siting process and outcomes.
  • Provide City staff with outreach advice, such as reviewing materials and identifying other groups to contact.
  • Review potential sites and provide feedback.


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